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Ji Weidong, Dean of KoGuan School of Law visited Seattle, the United States

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In order to attend the American Society of Sociology Annual Meeting and a series of international conferences, Professor Ji Weidong, Dean of KoGuan School of Law of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, visited Seattle of the United States from May 27 to May 30.

On the morning of the 27th, the organizer of the Washington University Law School arranged Ms. Mia Muraz Mi, deputy director of Asian Law Research Center, to meet at the airport. After dropping his luggage and taking a break, President Ji held cordial talks with Professor Kelly Testi, Dean of Law School of Washington University. He also held talks on intellectual property protection, science and technology innovation and law, corporate governance and law and economics, Asian law and other fields of exchange and cooperation. Both sides exchanged in views and reached a basic consensus. At the dinner party for East Asian law and social groups on the 29th, Professor Ji Weidong also met with two co-directors of the Asia Law Research Center of the institute—Professor Zang Dongsheng who just returned from Shanghai and Professor Daniel Ford, who recently moved from Tokyo University, discussing about future collaborative research and education.

At noon on the 28th, Professor Ji convened an editorial meeting of the English-language international academic journal Asian Legal and Social Magazine》at the Westin Hotel. Some chief editors and editors were invited to participate. The conference briefed on the gradual rise of the magazine's reputation, being included in the world-famous citation database Scopus, and other contents of the Annual Comprehensive Assessment Report of the Cambridge University Press. The conference also discussed how to expand the source of good manuscripts and provide the legal societies and institutions in Asia kinds of preferential prices and other issues and introduced scheduled topics and the main composition of magazines from 2015 to 2017. In addition, the Cambridge University Press booth at the Academic Annual Book Fair Hall also highlighted the promotion of this international journal co-organized with the KoGuan School of Law.

On the 29th, Prof. Ji Weidong participated in the breakfast meeting of the Planning Commission of East Asian Law and Social Groups to discuss future research activities and various specific issues concerning the establishment of the Asian Law and Society Association, including the secretariat of the Association at Waseda University in Japan and the issue that "Asian Law And social magazine "does not belong to the publication of the Association but provides members with the opportunity to publish results and discount price discount and so on. At the group's working dinner party, Prof. Miyazawa gave a detailed explanation of the preparation plan adopted by the Planning Commission, which was endorsed by the participating members. The establishment of the association will start gradually, taking an international symposium in early August as an opportunity.

While attending academic conferences and series of work meetings, Professor Ji also worked with some academic heavyweights (such as Professor Lawrence Friedman of Law School of Stanford, Professor Mark Goland from the University of Wisconsin and Harada Akio, director of the international civil and Commercial Law Research Center), research newcomers and leaders of different societies in sociology of law.