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Shanghai Jiao Tong University Team Won the Success in the Mergers and Acquisitions Simulation Contest in Asia Pacific

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From March 22nd to March 26th, “The Sixth “was successfully held in the Three Gorges Campus of Taipei University. The contest brought together outstanding students from top universities. A total of 12 teams from Asia Pacific region including Taipei University, Renmin University of China, Hong Kong University, Tsinghua University, National Taiwan University, Peking University, National Chengchi University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Xiamen University, Singapore Management University, Nanjing University, and National University of Singapore (sorted by day of competition) participated in the competition. The competition also invited seven famous individuals from enterprises, taxation and legal circles who have rich practical experience in the area of M & A as the judges.

The team of Shanghai Jiao Tong University consists of six undergraduates and masters from KoGuan School of Law. They are Ge Mingyu, Liu Xiaojing, Hu Jiani, Gao Chuxin, Wu Youming and Zhang Yichao. The instructor was Professor Li Junming. At the same time, Wang Huayu was appointed as a guide to the competition, who is postdoctoral fellow of our school and doctor of Finance and law of Peking University. Wu Qinglun, Senior Man! In six months from team formation to the official competition, the team members are fully engaged in the competition, taking the simulation as a real battle and conducting repeated deduction to discuss a viable merger and acquisition plan.

“The Mergers and Acquisitions Simulation Contest in Asia Pacific “is an interdisciplinary knowledge competition among colleges and universities aimed at creating a platform for dialogue between academics and practitioners to promote exchanges between teachers and students in universities and elites in business and practice circles. In accordance with the rules of competition, the same group of the two sides represent mergers and acquisitions companies and merged company to simulate real enterprise mergers and acquisitions team, combined with legal, accounting, business management and other background knowledge. In preparation for the competition they conducted the industry research, merger plan planning, mergers and acquisitions letter of intent and response exchange. After the start of the competition negotiations, they had to report to the Board on the final site.

In this competition, Shanghai Jiao Tong University is in the same group with National Chengchi University, representing the Delta Electronics Group and Shenyang Xinsong Robot Group respectively. Both sides conducted repeated negotiations, verification and negotiation from the motivation of the cooperation to the design of the transaction structure to the financial analysis and the valuation. After careful consideration by both team members and upholding the concept of sincere cooperation, the two parties finally reached a consensus and reached a plan for mergers and acquisitions beneficial to both parties. After a fierce competition, Shanghai Jiao Tong University finally won three honors, among which the group won the "Best M & A Plan Award" and won the group award for five consecutive years since its first competition in 2012. Master Ge Mingyu from 2015 Master Classes won the "Best Performance Award" and "Best Team Member Award."

The simulation contest has brought about the emergence of M & A practice, promoted the exchange among universities and colleges in the Asia Pacific region, enhanced the ability of consultation and cooperation among students, and achieved cross-disciplinary and cross-domain cooperation and exchanges, opening up an international perspective and exploring Learning thinking, so that the M & A knowledge and practice of business skills of team members has been significantly improved. Recalling the competition process, the school party and government leaders attach great importance to the event, and relying on the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Law Experimental Training Center, sincerely thank all the support and encouragement to the team of teachers and students! Although the event has ended, the transaction modes and payment methods, the elaborate handling of specific legal challenges and the proper arrangement of relevant stakeholders carried behind these mergers and acquisitions programs require more sophisticated professional knowledge, battle of the temper and wisdom of team work. At this point, constant thinking and practicing step by step are the only way to the perfect. Since you have chosen the distance, you must have trials and hardships. Do not forget the original purposes in the end. Bless all the students, thank you again.