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Associate Professor Ma Ti-cai of KoGuan School of Law won the

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On April 8, 2016, at the ceremony of the 120th anniversary of the founding of Shanghai Jiao TongUniversity, the ceremony of awarding the President of Shanghai Jiao Tong University 2016 was held ceremoniously. President Zhang Jie awarded the award-winning individuals and groups with honors. Associate Professor Ma Ti-cai of KoGuan School of Law won the award.

“With his passion for law education and Chinese culture, he works hard on the podium and leads students of Law School of Jiao Tong University to frequent international and domestic competitions. He is the messenger of Chinese and foreign legal education exchanges and a cornerstone of the internationalization of higher education. Practicing diligently and exploring tirelessly, he is a shining card in the world-class new course of the Jiao Tong University. ”The Principal Award Selection Committee read the award letter for Associate Professor Ma Tianci.

"I never felt I was alone." Associate Professor Ma Tianci delivered a speech at the conference. He expressed his appreciation to the school and university for their affirmation and support for his work. He also praised the cordial working atmosphere and close fellowship of KoGuan School of Law.

As a young teacher at KoGuan School of Law, teacher Ma Tianci has made important contributions to the school's personnel training and international cooperation since being employed by Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2012. He regards it as his mission to build a bridge between Asia and Europe and has promoted exchanges and cooperation among many world-class universities, research institutes and our school and our institute in academic and educational fields, arousing widespread concern. He is cordially praised as "the messenger of legal education both at home and abroad." He took teaching and educating people as his own task. He has set up six courses and served as coaches for many international events at the same time. He led the students to make remarkable achievements. During his tenure, as Executive Director of Asia Law Center, he has organized and participated in several international conferences and exchange activities. In order to expand the influence of Law of Jiao Tong University, he also served as editor-in-chief of the Asian Journal of Law and Society, an English-language journal co-sponsored by our school and Cambridge University Press. He made a positive contribution to including this journal in the citation database.

It is reported that the "Shanghai Jiao Tong University President Award" received a total of 35 collective applications from the faculties of the school departments, offices, units, affiliated hospitals and other individuals. A total of 19 candidates (collectives) entered the Final Evaluation Demonstration after the selection committee accreditation, written assessment, discussion and voting, and web presentation. Finally, the 100-member delegation composed of the school leaders, Liao Kaiyuan Foundation, faculty members from all departments, the medical staff representatives of the affiliated hospital and members of headmaster selection committee jointly awarded the winner of the 2016 Shanghai Jiao Tong University Presidential Award.


President Zhang Jie awarded an award for associate professor Ma Tianci

Presentation scene


Associate Professor Ma Tianci award-winning speech