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Ms. Wen Aijie, Assistant Country Director of the UNDP China Office, came to KoGuan School of Law

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On the afternoon of April 14, 2016, Ms. Agi Veres, Assistant Country Director of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) China Office, Ms. Gu Qing, Assistant Country Director, and Ms. Li Liping, Project Officer, visited the KoGuan School of Law of Shanghai Jiao Tong University . Professor Ji Weidong, Dean of KoGuan School of Law, and Professor Li Jian from Economic Law School attended the reception and held talks with guests at the VIP room.

First of all, President Ji Weidong and Professor Li Jian extended a warm welcome to Wen Aijie and his delegation. They also briefed the guests on the development and current situation of our school and made a detailed introduction especially on our international cooperation programs, international academic exchanges and seminars, Discipline research center construction, international internship programs, law education reform, student life and excellent performance.

Second, President Ji talked with guests on issues of how to build the rule of law and the problems and challenges China's legal construction faces. He introduced the research and achievements made by the institute on the subject of rule of law. In particular, he referred to the study of the rule of law in the risk society, big data analysis of the judiciary, and the investigation and study of law and so on. Ms. Gu Qing, Assistant Country Director, also briefed President Ji on the research plan of the United Nations Development Program in China as well as the limitations and challenges it faced. The President also made corresponding suggestions in this regard. Subsequently, the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on such topics as the establishment of international academic forums, cooperative research on the rule of law projects and the possibility of students' internship with the United Nations and other international agencies.

In the end, the talks ended in a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere. The two sides exchanged souvenirs and took a group photo for memory. At the same time, they expressed their common will to strengthen exchanges and cooperation.