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Professor Leo KoGuan and Professor Xu Bing attended the 3rd Ni Shan World Civilization Forum

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The Third Ni Shan World Civilization Forum was held in May 20 to May 23 in Jinan, Shandong Province. By the invitation of the organizing committee of the forum, Professor Leo KoGuan, Director of KoGuan International Rule of Law and Principle Center at KoGuan Law School, Shanghai JiaoTing University, Director of KoGuan Chinese Rule of Law and Principle Studies Center at Tsinghua University School of Law and Professor Xu Bing, the executive director, attended this forum.

The theme of this forum is “common human ethics under different beliefs”. Nearly about 200 experts and scholars from dozens of countries at home and abroad around this theme, had discussions and dialogues from different angles. Professor Leo KoGuan made a keynote speech on “Chinese Dream is Xuan Yuan’s Da Tong”, elaborating the Xuan Yuan’s Da Tong idea and how to realize Da Tong in detail.

Besides the speech on forum, Professor Leo and Professor Xu also gave lectures for the teachers and students of Law School in Shandong University, respectively with the titles of “Chinese Dream is Xuan Yuan’s Da Tong” and “The Important Value of the Yellow Emperor’s Legal Thought to the Chinese Nation”. These two lectures were hosted by Professor Wu Shuchen, the first grade professor of Shandong University, and won wide high value of the teachers and students.

In May 22, Professor Leo went to Qufu City, Shandong Province, attended the Confucius Ceremony and starting ceremony of rebuilding Nishan Academy in Nishan Confucian temple. He also made a formally call on Nishan Confucian temple and Qufu Confucian temple. Afterward, Professor Leo went to Shouqiu, made worship to the birthplace of the Yellow Emperor Xuan Yuan in Shaohao Mausoleum.


(Prof.Leo KoGuan’s full article of the speech could be downloaded below.)

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