KoGuan School of Law successfully held the Summer Program in Chinese Law with the University of New South Wales of Australia
Date:2019-09-16     Read:1934    

From September 1st , 2019 to September 15th , KoGuan School of Law hosted the Summer Program in Chinese Law in cooperation with the University of New South Wales of Australia. Attending students enjoyed a course rich in content and teaching was delivered through a variety of methods including lectures, visiting judicial institutions and top law firms. Students had the opportunity to experience world-class quality teacher-student interactions at The KoGuan School of Law, enriching their participation in the programme.

The students had a selection of 15 English-Taught courses to choose from, allowing them to gain an insight into the legal landscape in China. These courses ranged from finance law, investment law, to law and society. Outside of regular lectures, the law school also organized a variety of visits and activities for students.

On September 9th, students visited the Shanghai Minhang District People's Court to observe proceedings. During the visit, the students were guided by a volunteer of the court to learn more about the Chinese legal system, culminating in a discussion session after the visit, where the students spoke enthusiastically, asking questions about the current situation and functions of the Chinese court system.

On September 10th, the students visited the Zhonglun Law Firm in Lujiazui. The partners of the firm first led the students on an office tour, which was followed by a discussion. During the discussion, the partners briefed everyone on the overall development of the law firm, and then provided students with many practical suggestions with their own working and studying experience. Such an opportunity allowed the students, to gain a lot of insightful information and ultimately enjoy the visit.

Introduction to the University of New South Wales (UNSW)

The University of New South Wales is a leading research institution founded in 1949. Its main campus is located in Sydney, the capital of New South Wales. As a member of Australia's Group of Eight, the University of New South Wales is known for its business and engineering. Its law school was established on March 1, 1971 and is one of Australia's top law schools. The development and revision of the Australian Federal Constitution, and the legal advice of the federal and state governments are also from the college.