Faculty Directory

Hou Liyang

Office phone: 62934632
Address: 463
Email: liyang.hou@sjtu.edu.cn

  • Educational background

    Academic Degrees
    • Doctor of Law (no grading system for this degree), Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, 2011
    • LLM (magna cum laude,first in class) , Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, 2007
    • Master of Law (distinction), China University of Political Science and Law, 2004
    • Bachelor of Law (distinction) , Beijing Institute of Technology,2001
  • Working Experience

    • KoGuan Law School, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 2011 – now
    • Assistant Researcher, Interdisciplinary Centre for Law and ICT, 2007 - 2011
  • Professional Experience

    Academic Positions
    • European Law Center, KoGuan Law School, Director
    • Coase Law and Economics Center, KoGuan Law School, Director
    • Center for Competition Law and Policy, Associate Director
    • Academic Society for Competition Law, Member;
    • Asian Competition Forum, Member;
    • Pacific Telecommunications Council, individual member;
    • China Economic Law Society, Member;
    • China Internet and Information Law Society, Member
    • China European Law Society, Member
    • Shanghai Competition Law Association, Senior Member;
    • State Administration for Market Regulation of China, Consultant Expert;
    • Shanghai Administration for Market Regulation, Consultant Expert;
    • Shanghai Commission for Business Environment, Consultant Expert.
    Editorial Positions
    • Computer Law & Security Review, Editorial Board Member;
    • China Antitrust Cases Database (with Kluwer), Editor in Chief;
    • Asian Competition Law Review, Co-Editor in Chief;
    • Competition Law and Policy Review, Executive Editor;
  • Honors and Awards

    • 2020, Dong Biwu Young Academic Award (3rd Class), China Law Society;
    • 2019, Economic Law Writing Award (1st Class), China Economic Law Society;
    • 2019, Candle Award for Excellent Teachers (1st Class), Shanghai Jiao Tong University;
    • 2019, Teaching Competition Award (1st Class), Shanghai Jiao Tong University;
    • 2019, Fulbright Scholar (2nd in Mainland China), USA Government;
    • 2019, SMG Professor, Shanghai Jiao Tong University;
    • 2018, Young Legal Talent, Shanghai Law Society;
    • 2017, Shanghai Shuguang Scholar, Shanghai Bureau of Education;
    • 2016, Model Courses Taught in Chinese, Shanghai Education Commission;
    • 2015, Model Courses Taught in English, Shanghai Education Commission;
    • 2014, SMG Scholar, Shanghai Jiao Tong University;
    • 2012, Concurrences Thesis Award (shortlisted), Institute of Competition Law;
    • 2011, KoGuan Young Scholar, Shanghai Jiao Tong University;
    • 2009, Excellent Oversea Student, Chinese Ministry of Education;
    • 2004, Legal Profession Qualification, Chinese Ministry of Justice.…
  • Research Interests

    • Competition law
    • Internet regulation
    • Telecom regulation
    • Economic analysis of law
  • Research Projects

    1. As Principal Investigator
    • “Exclusive Dealing in the Online Food Ordering Sector”, funded by Alibaba Co., 2019-2020 (completed);
    • “How to promote investment in very high capacity telecommunications networks – a comparison EU-China”, funded by the ASEM-DUO Fellowship Programme of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles of Belgium, 2018 – 2019 (completed);
    • “Competition and Regulation for Innovation-driven Economy”, funded by Shanghai Commission of Education, 2017 – 2019 (completed);
    • “Research on the Monopoly Issues in Shanghai Telecom Market”, funded by the Pricing Regulator of Shanghai Community, 2015 – 2016 (completed);
    • “Study on Telecom Regulation within the Context of Technological Convergence”, funded by China’s Social Science Funding, 2014-2019 (completed);
    • “Chinese Competition Cases Database”, funded by Wolters Kluwer, 2013 – now;
    • “Collective Dominance within the Chinese Anti-Monopoly Law”, funded by the Chinese Ministry of Education, 2011 – 2017 (completed);
    • “A Comparative Study of the Merger Control between China and EU: from a case law perspective”, funded by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 2012 – 2014 (completed).
    2. As Major Participant
    • “Antitrust Strategy of China upon the Background of Globalization”, funded by the Ministry of Education of China, 2016 – 2019 (completed);
    • “Challenges and Solution for Future Telecom in Macau”, funded by Macau Government, 2012 – 2015 (completed);
    • "Future Electronic Communications Markets Subject to Ex-ante Regulation", funded by the European Commission, 2013 – 2014 (completed);
    • “Terrain (Techno-Economic Research for Future Access Infrastructure Networks)”, funded by the Flemish Government, 2010 – 2011 (completed);
    • “End to End Quality of Experience”, funded by the Flemish Government, 2007 – 2009 (completed);
    • “Effort (Governance, Policies and Legal Conditions for Access to Market through Extended and Dynamic Cluster)”, funded by the European Commission, 2006 – 2008 (completed).
  • Publications

    • Hou (2019), Antitrust Anatomy of Market Power, China Ancient Book Publishing(侯利阳:《市场力量的反垄断剖析》,中华古籍出版社2019年版);
    • Hou (2012), Competition Law and Regulation in the EU Electronic Communications Sector: a comparative legal approach, Kluwer Law International.

    Edited Books
    • Shen & Hou edt. (2018), Risk Governance in A Pluralistic Society, Shanghai Sanlian (沈伟、侯利阳(主编):《多元化社会的风险治理:交叉视角研究》,上海三联书店出版社2018年版);

    Journal Articles
    (1) In English
    • Hou (2019), “Superior Bargaining Power: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”, Asian Pacific Law Review 27(1), 39-61;
    • Li & Hou (2019), “A Reflection on the Taxi Reform in China: Innovation vs. Tradition”, Computer Law and Security Review 35(3), pp.251-262;
    • Hou (2018), “Destructive Sharing Economy - A passage from status to contract”, Computer Law and Security Review 36(5), pp.965-976;
    • Hou (2017), “Impact of Innovation on Competition Law: From the Perspective of Ad-Blocking Applications”, Computer Law & Security Review 35(5), 635-646;
    • Hou (2016), "Qualcomm: How China has Invalidated Traditional Business Models on Standard Essential Patents",Journal of European Competition Law & Practice 7(10), 686-689;
    • Hou (2015), “Reshaping Market, Competition and Regulation in EU Utility Liberalization”, Common Market Law Review 52(4), 977-1007;
    • Hou (2015), “When Competition Law Meets Regulation: the Chinese Context”, Computer Law & Security Review 31(5), 689-700;
    • Mezzanotte & Hou (2015), “The Role of Presumptions of Market Dominance in Civil Litigation in China”, Journal of Antitrust Enforcement 3(suppl. 1), 108-131;
    • Hou (2014), "A Review of Telecom Markets in the EU: What Did the European Commission Learn or Not from the Past?", Computer Law & Security Review 30(6), 710-719;
    • Hou (2014), "The Abusive Nature of Price Squeeze in the EU", IIC- International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law, 54(1), 43-74;
    • Emch and Hou (2014), “Antitrust Regulation of IPRs–China's First Proposal”, Competition Policy International, summer issue;
    • Hou (2014), “An Evaluation of the First Five Years of China’s Anti-Monopoly Law”, Journal of Civil & Legal Science 3(5), 136-147;
    • Hou, Valcke and Stevens (2013), "Can Open Internet Access be Imposed upon European CATV Networks?", Telecommunications Policy, 37(10), 970-980;
    • Hou (2012), "The Essential Facilities Doctrine: what was wrong in Microsoft", International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law, 43(4), 251-271;
    • Hou (2011), "Excessive Prices within EU Competition Law", European Competition Journal, 7(1), 47-70; reprinted in Rosa Greaves (ed.) (2012), Dominance and Monopolization (Volume II) (Ashagate, the UK), 333-356;
    • Hou (2011), "Some Aspects of Price Squeeze within the EU: a case-law analysis", European Competition Law Review, 32(5), 250-257;
    • Hou (2010), "Sub-national Geographic Markets within the Electronic Communications Sector", World Competition, 33(3), 437-456;
    • Hou (2009), "Collective Dominance within the Context of EU Electronic Communications Regulation", Competition and Regulation in Network Industries, 10(3), 279-303;
    • Hou and Parrilli (2009), "SME cluster vs. multinational companies: similarities and differences for tax and competition lawmakers", International Journal of Private Law, 2(4), 400-411;
    • Valcke, Hou, Stevens and Kosta (2008), "Guardian Knight or Hands Off: The European Response to Network Neutrality. Legal Considerations on the Electronic Communications Reform", Communications & Strategies, 72(4), 89-112;
    • Valcke, Hou, Stevens and Kosta (2008), "Network Neutrality: Legal Answers from an EU Perspective", Revue du Droit des Technologies de l'Information, 32(1), 323-350;
    • Hou (2008), "Conflicts between Competition Law and Regulation in the EC Electronic Communications Sector: An Analysis of the Institutional Framework", Icfai Journal of International Business Law, 7(2): 40-63;
    • Hou (2008), "The Assessment of Single SMP: Lessons Learned from the First Round of Market Review", Competition and Regulation in Network Industries, 9(1), 49-75;
    (2) In Chinese
    • Hou (2019), “The Illegality of Hub and Spoke Conspiracy”, Peking University Law Journal (6) (侯利阳:《轴辐协议的违法性辨析》,载《中外法学》2019年第6期)
    • Hou (2019), “Legal Deconstruction of the Interplay between Market and Government: A Review of Private Law, Competition Law and Regulation”, Legal Science (1) (侯利阳:《市场与政府关系的法学解构》,载《中国法学》2019年第1期);
    • Hou (2018), “Anti-monopoly Law from a Macro-Historical Perspective and Localized Transplant”, SJTU Law Review (4) (侯利阳:《大历史视角下的反垄断法与本土化移植》,载《交大法学》2018年第4期);
    • Hou (2018), “Collective Dominance: Economic Theories and Legal Approaches”, Legal Science 2018(1) (侯利阳:《论共同市场支配地位:经济学剖析与法学建构》,载《法学》2018年第1期;被人大报刊复印资料《经济法学、劳动法学》2018年第6期全文转载) ;
    • Hou (2018), “An Innovative Regulatory Path for Sharing Economy”, Economic Law Forum 2018(1) (侯利阳:《共享经济规制的新路径》,载《经济法论丛》2018年第1期);
    • Hou (2018), “Relevant Markets within Antitrust Law: Evolution, Methodologies, and Reconsideration”, Competition Law and Policy Review 4(1) (侯利阳:《论反垄断法中的相关市场:源流、方法与反思》,载《竞争法律与政策评论》2018年第一卷)
    • Hou (2017), “How to Deal with New Challenges of Internet-based Economy”, Prosecutorial View 14, 28-29 (侯利阳:《如何应对新型互联网经济带来的挑战》,载《检察风云》2014年第14期);
    • Sun & Hou (2017), “Competition Strategies to Accelerate Innovation-driven Development in Shanghai”, Competition Law and Policy Review 3(1), 171-187 (孙伯龙、侯利阳:《论上海市加快实施创新驱动发展的竞争战略》,载《竞争法律与政策评论》2017年第一卷);
    • Hou (2016), “Localized Enforcement against Retail Price Maintenance: Conflictive Theories, Enforcement Diversity and Possible Solutions”, Jurist 6, 70-82 (侯利阳:《转售价格维持的本土化探析:理论冲突、执法异化与路径选择》,载《法学家》2016年第6期);
    • Hou (2016), “Crossover in Categorical Analysis of Antitrust Jurisprudence: From the Perspective of Boycott”, Peking University Law Journal 4, 1039-1056 (侯利阳:《垄断行为类型化中的跨界行为》,载《中外法学》2016年第4期(被人大报刊复印资料《经济法学、劳动法学》2017年第2期全文转载));
    • Hou (2016), “Transition of Industrial Policy to Competition Policy: EU’s Experience and Shanghai’s Reality”, Journal of Shanghai Jiao Tong University 24(1), 89-98 (侯利阳:《产业政策何以向竞争政策转变——欧盟的经验与上海的现实》,载《上海交通大学学报(社科版)》2016年第1期(被人大报刊复印资料《产业经济》2016年第4期全文转载));
    • Hou & Wang (2015), “Essential Facility Doctrine: The EU Implication to China”, Chinese Journal of Competition Law and Policy 1(1), pp. 102-123 (侯利阳、王继荣:《欧盟必需设施原则考析——兼论对我国的启示》,载《竞争政策与法律评论》2015年第1卷);
    • Hou (2015), “Telecommunications in Macau: Challenges and Suggestions”, Competition Policy Research 3, 102-110 (侯利阳:《澳门电信行业的挑战及应对措施》,载《竞争政策研究》2015年第3期);
    • Wang & Hou (2015), “Abusing IP and Monopoly Agreements”, Biweekly of Administration for Industry and Commerce (10) (王先林、侯利阳:《滥用知识产权与垄断协议》,《工商行政管理》2015年第10期);
    • Hou and Li (2014), "Defining Relevant Markets in the Free-of-Charge Internet Industries", Modern Law Review 6, 65-77 (侯利阳、李剑(2014):《免费模式下的互联网产业相关产品市场界定》,载《现代法学》2014年第6期(被人大报刊复印资料《经济法学、劳动法学》2015年第4期全文转载));
    • Hou (2013), “The Unbearable Heaviness of China’s Anti-Monopoly Law”, SJTU Law Review 2, 49-67 (侯利阳:《反垄断不能承受之重》,载《交大法学》2013年第2期,49-67);
    • Hou (2005), “Reconstructing the Burden of Proof Theory”, Journal of Beijing Institute of Technology (Social Science Edition) 1 (侯利阳:《举证责任分配理论之重构》,载《北京理工大学学报(社会科学版)》2005年第1期).

    Book Chapters
    • Hou (2019), “IPR Protection and Antitrust Regulation of SEPs in China”, in Liu and Hilty (edt.), SEPs, SSOs and FRAND: Asian and Global Perspectives on Fostering Innovation in Interconnectivity, Routledge, 232-254;
    • Hou (2019), “Regulating the Sharing Economy in China: A National Report”, in Bram Devolder (ed.), The Platform Economy: Unravelling the Legal Status of Online Intermediaries, Intersentia; Cambridge – Antwerp – Chicago, 125-139;
    • Hou and Li (2019), “Resale price maintenance and its proof under the Anti-Monopoly Law”, in Adrian and Wendy (edt.), The Pioneer of Competition Law in China, Concurrence, 43-52;
    • Hou (2017), “Competition Assessment of IPRs in China’s Merger Control”, in Blair and Sokol (edt.) The Cambridge Handbook of Antitrust, Intellectual Property, and High Tech, 467-488;
    • Hou (2013), “The Regulation of State-owned Properties and State-owned Enterprises”, in Xianlin Wang (edt.) Economic Law Book, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press (侯利阳(2013):《营利性和公益性的平衡:国有企业和企业国有资产法研究》,载王先林(主编)《经济法学专题研究》,法律出版社2013年版);
    • Hou (2013), “Stated-owned Property Law”, in Xianlin Wang (edt.), Economic Law, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press (侯利阳(2013):《国有资产法》,载王先林(主编)《经济法教程》,上海交通大学出版社2013年版);
    • Queck, De Streel, Hou, Jost, and Kosta, E. (2010), “The EU Regulatory Framework Applicable to Electronic Communications”. In L. Gazaniti & M. O’Regan (edt), Telecommunications, Broadcasting and the Internet: EU Competition Law and Regulation (3rd Revised edition) (London, Sweet & Maxwell), 3-262;
    • Hou (2010), “Summaries of Selected European Commission Comments and Decisions under Article 7 of the Framework Directive”, In L. Gazaniti & M. O’Regan (edt), Telecommunications, Broadcasting and the Internet: EU Competition Law and Regulation (3rd Revised edition) (London, Sweet & Maxwell), 977-1038.
    • Hou (2009), “Uncovering the Veil of Article 86(2) EC”, In P. S. V. Kumar (edt), Proportionality and Federalism: State Reflections (Hyderabad, India, Icfai University Press), 53-72.
    • Valcke, Hou, Stevens, and Kosta (2009), “Legal Analysis of Network Neutrality under EU Competition Rules and the Regulatory Framework for Electronic Communications”, In G. Chandana (edt), Network Neutrality - Legal Contours (India, ICFAI University Press), 250-276.
    • Hou and Parrilli (2008), “European SME Clusters under the Perspective of Taxation and Competition”, in S. Kierkegaard (edt), The Dynamics of Trade: Law and Economics (Prague, IAITL), 399-409.
    • Hou (2005), “Abusing of Dominance under Article 82 ECT: a case study”, in C. Wang (edt), Cases of International Economic Law (Beijing, Legal Press), 245-253 (in Chinese).
  • Courses

    • “Competition Law”, in English for international students;
    • “European Legal Culture”, in Chinese a for undergraduate students
    • “European Union Law”, in Chinese for graduate students;
    • “Competition Law”, in Chinese for graduate students;
    • “Fundamental Theories of Economic Regulation”, in Chinese for graduate students;
    • “Competition Law”, in Chinese for undergraduate students;
    • “Economic Law”, in Chinese for undergraduate students;
    • “Law and Economy”, in Chinese for undergraduate students;