Faculty Directory

Wang Xianlin

Distinguished Professor; Director of Center for Competition Law and Policy of SJTU.
Economic law; Competition law.

Office phone: +86-21-62934383
Address: SJTU KoGuan Law School, 1954 Huashan Road, Xuhui, Shanghai, 200030, China.
Email: wangxianlin@sjtu.edu.cn
Website: https://law.sjtu.edu.cn/jjf/20210226/240.html

  • Educational background

    • Bachelor of Law, Anhui University (1983- 1987)
    • Master of Law, Anhui University & China University of Political Science and Law (1987- 1990)
    • Doctor of Law, Renmin University of China (1998- 2001)
  • Working Experience

    • Anhui University (1990- 2005), lecturer, associate professor, professor, vice dean)
    • Wuhan University (2002- 2004), postdoctoral researcher
    • Shanghai Jiao Tong University (2005- ), professor, vice dean, executive vice dean, distinguished professor
  • Professional Experience

    Academic Positions
    • Member of the Advisory Group of Experts of the Anti-Monopoly Commission of the State Council of China
    • Vice President of Economic Law Association of China Law Society
    • President of Competition Law Association of Shanghai Law Society
    • Non-Government Advisor (NGA) of International Competition Network (ICN) Appointed by Hong Kong Competition Commission

    Editorial Positions
    • Editor-in-Chief of Competition Law and Policy Review

    Visiting Positions
    • Fulbright Visiting Scholar in the George Washington University Law School (2007-2008)
    • Senior visiting fellow in Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition in Munich (2017-2018)
  • Honors and Awards

    • Awarded the title of "National Model Teacher" by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Personnel (2004).
    • Awarded the State Council Special Allowance for Outstanding Contributions (2005).
    • Supported by Program for New Century Excellent Talents in Universities (2008).
    • Selected as an “Outstanding Young and Middle-aged Jurists” of Shanghai (2009).
    • Approved by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and other Six Departments as the State-class Expert of the “the New Century Talents Project" (2009).
    • Won the Shanghai Yucai Award (2012).
    • Won the Baosteel Excellent Teacher Award (2015).
    • Won the First Prize of Shanghai Jiao Tong University teaching Award (2020).
  • Research Interests

    • Economic Law
    • Competition Law
    • Intellectual Property law
  • Research Projects

    Has presided over more than 20 national and provincial-ministerial scientific research projects, including the national social science planning (youth, general and key) projects, national natural science fund project, national soft science project, the ministry of education project. For Example:
    • Research on the Major Theoretical and Practical problems of the Coordinated Development of Anti-Monopoly and Intellectual Property Protection, sponsored by the Project of National Social Sciences Foundation (15AFX019).
    • Research on China's Anti-Monopoly Strategy under the Background of Economic Globalization, sponsored by the Key Project of Philosophy and Social Sciences of Ministry of Education of China (15JZD018).
  • Publications

    • Intellectual Property and Anti-Monopoly Law: Abusing Intellectual Property Rights from the Perspective of Competition Law (Law Press, 2020, 3rd edition)
    • Competition Law (Renmin University of China Press, 2018, 3rd edition)
    • WTO Competition Policy and China’s Anti-Monopoly Legislation (Peking University Press, 2005)

    Edited Books
    • Research on Hot Issues of Enforcement of China’s Anti-Monopoly Law (Law Press, 2011)
    • Abuse of Intellectual Property Rights and Its Regulation (China Legal Publishing House, 2008)
    • Studies on Economic Law (Law Press, 2013)

    Journal Articles
    Has published more than 200 articles at home and abroad, for example:
    • The Compendium on the Formulation of China's Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Law(China Legal Science 2001)
    • The Industrial Policy Law in China (China Legal Science 2004)
    • On Relevant Market Definition in the Implementation of Anti-monopoly Law (Frontiers of Law in China, Vol 3 No 4)
    • 《知的财产権分野における中国独占禁止法の执行》,《公正取引》2011年第9期.
    • Recent Developments in China's Anti-Monopoly Regulations on Abuse of Intellectual Property Rights, 62(4) Antitrust Bulletin (2017).
    • Balancing the Application of China's Anti-Monopoly Law and Intellectual Property Policies, 1 China Antitrust Law Journal (2017)
    • Anti-Monopoly Regulations on Abuse of Intellectual Property Rights in China, GRUR Int. 2018 8/9.
    • The Regulation of Misleading Advertising under Laws in China, Pazmany Law Review, Vol 7 (2019)

    Book Chapters
    • The Application of the Anti-Monopoly Law in the Context of Intellectual Property Rights, China’s Anti-Monopoly Law: The First Five Years, Edited by Adrian Emch & David Stallibrass, Wolters Kluwer Law & Business (2013)
    • Some Key Issues Concerning Further Developments of China's Anti-Monopoly Law, Competition Policy on the New Era: Insights from BRICS Countries, Edited by Tembimkesi Bonakele, Eleanor Fox & Liberty Mncube, Oxford University Press (2017)

    Book Reviews
    • A True Antitrust Pioneer in China, Wang Xiaoye Liber Amicorum: The Pioneer of Competition Law in China, edited by Adrian Emch, Wendy Ng, Concurrences Antitrust Publications (2019)
  • Courses

    • Economic Law
    • Competition Law
    • Economy and Law
  • Other Professional Activities

    Please refer to the Chinese page for other personal information: https://law.sjtu.edu.cn//TeacherDetail30.aspx