Faculty Directory

Zhang Chenguo

Address: 446
Email: zhangcg25@sjtu.edu.cn, zhangcg25@gmail.com

  • Educational background

    Doctor der Rechtswissenschaft (Dr. jur.) , J. W. Goethe University of Frankfurt, 2009
    Legum Magister, J. W. Goethe University of Frankfurt, 2004
    Bachelor of Law, Tsinghua University, 2003
  • Working Experience

    2017 - ,Associate Professor at KoGuan Law School, Shanghai Jiao Tong University;

    2012 - 2017, Assistant Professor at University of Bremen;

    2012 - , Senior Research Fellow (Habilitation) at European Centre of Law and Politics, University of Bremen;

    2010, Postdoctoral Researcher at Max-Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition Law, Munich, Germany;

    2008 - 2010, lawyer at Jones Day Munich, Patent Attorneys and Attorneys-at-Law, Germany.
  • Publications

    1. Enforcement and Procedural Rules of Collective Personal Data Protection (Forthcoming)

    2. Principle of Disposition Revisited in the Public Interest Litigations for Environment Protection– Germany, China Mainland and Brazil (Forthcoming)

    3. Sharing Economy: Challenges for the Labor Market and the Labor Law – the Case of Uber in a Comparative Analysis of the EU, US, and Asia (Forthcoming)

    4. China’s Social Credit System Project and the Emerging Personal Data Protection Law (Forthcoming)

    5. Patent Litigation in the Beijing Courts: The Impact of Party Nationality and Procedural Reform (Forthcoming)

    6. China’s New Regulatory Regime Tailored for Sharing Economy – The Case of Uber under Chinese Local Government Regulation in Comparison to EU, US and UK, in Computer Law and Security Review (SSCI, Elsevier), Vol.35, Issue 1, 2019

    7. How Fair is Patent Litigation in China? – Evidence from the Beijing Courts, in the China Quarterly (SSCI, Cambridge University Press), Vol. 237, 2019
    8. How is the Owner of “Traditional Knowledge Right”? A Perspective of International Law and the Case of China, in Journal of Law, Ethics and Regulatory Issues (SCOPUS), Vol. 21, Issue 2, 2018