Food Aid Initiative During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Pakistan
Date:2020-06-25     Read:1556     Author: Ali Akbar Jalbani and The Team    

The Covid-19 outbreak has affected widows, people with disabilities, the elderly and the poor socially and economically. Recently, the Government of Pakistan approved cash grants of 12000 PKR (550 RMB)) per family to those suffering from the Covid-19 shutdown. However, during the government imposed nationwide lockdown due to the unforeseen and unpredictable pandemic, these grants are insufficient and there are several vulnerable groups suffering from food insecurity.

To respond to this challenge, Ali Akbar Jalbani, an Advocate of High Court and Student of Science Jurists Doctorate of Law (SDJ) at KoGuan Law School, Shanghai Jiaotong University China, has set up a Food Aid Initiative in Ratodero, Larkana district to provide the needy people basic groceries to empower them to get through the devastating situation by the lockdown and food insecurity. The grocery pack providing for one family costs 2500 PKR (150 RMB) including wheat flour (15kg), cooking oil (5kg), sugar (2kg), daal bean (2kg), salt (1kg) and tea (1kg). For some families, the pack can help them survive at least one month.

Ali Akbar Jalbani - with the support of his family - initially distributed the food packs to families in 4 villages of Meer Muhammad Jalbani, Muhammad Khan, Jamsher Rawai and Karam Khan. However, after a few weeks of the distribution, he received more contributions from his circle of friends and lecturers from China. Together with the ground team in Ratodero, his initiative has distributed 230 food packs to needy families from 10 villages namely Thango Khan Bozdar, Qadar Bux Luhar, Marink Khan and Bilwaal Khan, Jhangal Khan Bozdar, Haider Ali Khan , Wariam Odho , Rasool Bux Samejo , Jhangal Khan, Mewal Kot, Babal Khan Jagharani in Ratodero, Larkana, Sindh Province of Pakistan.

Based on his survey, there are the plight of people in the near villages awaiting help. They are facing the same challenge of lockdown and food insecurity. Ali and his team will seek for contributions from all the means, and they hope to help more poor families in Pakistan to pass through this difficult period.

Ali Akbar with the checking list of deserving families in Ratodero, Larkana , Sindh Province of Pakistan

Children are watching Ali Akbar while he is conducting the team to carry out the distributions as per the standard operating procedures (SOPs) for coronavirus.

The ground team is loading the food packs from the shop.

Food packs are ready to be distributed to needy families.