KoGuan School of Law successfully held the Summer Program in Chinese Law with the University of Leuven of Belgium
Date:2019-11-20     Read:344    

On September 8, 2019, KoGuan School of Law hosted the Summer Program in Chinese Law in cooperation with the University of Leuven of Belgium. The Summer Program was rich in content and was delivered through a variety of teaching methods including lectures, visiting judicial institutions and top law firms, as well as quality teacher-student interactions at KoGuan School of Law.

The Summer Program in Chinese Law provides an overview of the Chinese legal system with a focus on Chinese civil and commercial law, including finance law, investment law, to law and society. Different kinds of activities and practical course are also organized for students, extending their enjoyment of China.

On September 9th, the students were guided by a volunteer of the Shanghai Minhang District People's Court to observe proceedings. The students found great interest in the current functions of the Chinese court system and had a pleasant discussion with the judges. The students talked enthusiastically and asked many questions about the Chinese court system.

On September 10th, the students visited the Zhonglun Law Firm. The Law Firm is a leading full service PRC law firm with over 700 professionals strategically located in mainland China’s key corporate and financial centers. The partners briefed the students about the overall development of the law firm and offered the students some stories of their own working and studying experience in order to offer advice for their careers. The students expressed their thankfulness and hoped for more opportunities to cooperate in the future!

On September 13th, the students from the University of Leuven in Belgium were invited to have dinner with Mr. Cheng Jinhua, Vice Dean of KoGuan School of Law and some Chinese students. Mr. Cheng extended a warm welcome to the students, and presented them with summer course certificates. September 13th is the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. Both teachers and students shared mooncakes and hoped to develop their friendship in the future!

Introduction to the University of Leuven, Belgium

University of Leuven (Holland: KU Leuven; English: University of Leuven) is Belgium's most prestigious institution. It is one of Europe's oldest and most respected universities, and is a world-class research University. Leuven University is a world leader in many fields. In 2017, Reuters ranked first in the world's leading innovation universities. University of Leuven ranked first in Europe for the second consecutive year and ranked fifth in the world.