Dean of the Law School of The University of Arizona visited KoGuan School of Law
Date:2019-07-25     Read:491    

On August 28, Marc L. Miller, Dean of the Law School of The University of Arizona, and Wang Yonggang who was in charge of the Chinese law program in The University of Arizona, visited KoGuan School of Law. Kong Xiangjun, Executive Deputy Dean of KoGuan School of Law received them in the VIP room at Leo Koguan law building.

Kong Xiangjun welcomed Miller and introduced the discipline construction, academic research and international programs of KoGuan School of Law. Miller expressed gratitude and introduced the academic research and international cooperation of the Law School of The University of Arizona. The two sides discussed about joint education program, teaching method and academic cooperation, and they also exchanged views on the cooperation in the field of AI and law of science and technology. They looked forward to exploring special joint training programs and promoting the internationalization of both sides.

After the meeting, the two sides presented souvenirs to each other and took a group photo as a commemoration.

Attachment: brief introduction of The University of Arizona
The University of Arizona, known as UA, is a world-famous institution of higher education and one of the most prestigious public research universities in the United States. Founded in 1885, it is located in Tucson, Arizona's second largest city. The school's astronomy, geology, geography, civil engineering and other disciplines have strong scientific research strength, while anthropology, sociology, philosophy, law, engineering, life sciences are also among the best in the United States. It is also a member of Association of American Universities (AAU).