Dean of Fundação Getulio Varga (FGV) Law School visited KoGuan School of Law
Date:2019-09-20     Read:681    

On September 10th, 2019, Sergio Guerra, dean of Fundação Getulio Varga (FGV) Rio De Janeiro Law School and Evandro Menezes de Carvalho, director of FGV’s Brazilian-Chinese Research Center, visited KoGuan School of Law where Prof. Kong Xiangjun, dean of KoGuan School of Law, and Prof. Hou Liyang, assistant dean of KoGuan School of Law, met with them to discuss pressing matters.

Prof. Kong Xiangjun expressed his warm welcome to the two representatives of FGV. He then proceeded to introduce the educational characteristics, legal training, talent retention, international projects and research capabilities of KoGuan School of Law, and emphasised the importance of future cooperation in law and technology as well as in law and social fields. Sergio Guerra expressed his appreciation for the hospitality of KoGuan Law School. He commented that Brazil is currently one of the major Chinese overseas investment destinations and as such, efforts must be made to achieve the strengthening of cooperation between the colleges, as this will help the development of two countries' culture, education and economy. Subsequently, the two sides conducted in-depth discussions on teaching mutual assistance and scientific research cooperation, and additionally, explored the possibility of cooperation of faculty exchange and scholars' visits.

Postscript: Fundação Getulio Varga (FGV) was established in 1944 with the original aim of cultivating qualified administrative staff for the Brazilian government and the private sector. Established in anticipation of a new era, FGV decided to expand its teaching focus, from a single management profession to a broader field of social sciences and economics, and gradually built the educational research institution that represents quality and excellence. FGV has campuses in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and the capital, Brasilia. The research areas include economics, business management, international relations, law, social sciences, public administration and mathematics. FGV’s law school was established in 2002.