2018-2019 KoGuan-Emory Jointly American Master of Comparative Law Program has been proceeded successfully
Date:2019-07-25     Read:754    

On October 13th, the KoGuan-Emory Jointly American Master of Comparative Law degree program held an informal short opening ceremony for 2018-2019academic year. Professor Cheng Jinhua, the deputy dean of KoGuan School of Law, congratulated the 21 students who were admitted, and encouraged everyone to make full use of valuable time and opportunity to study hard. He also expressed thankfulness to Professor Robert Schapiro from Emory University School of Law who came to Shanghai to teach. The event was hosted by Associate Professor Sun Weiping who is the leader of the the program.

This year is the sixth year of the joint Master of Comparative Law program. The 21 students who were admitted were lawyers from well-known law firms in Shanghai and surrounding provinces, in-house lawyers of famous companies, and recent graduates from Koguan School of Law and other well-known law schools. After several months of materials review, written examinations, interviews, etc., they were successfully admitted to the Emory University School of Law in August this year.

Program Description

Since 2012, Shanghai Jiaotong University Koguan School of Law - Emory University School of Law in the United States has jointly launched the "Masters in Comparative Law (M.C.L.)" project approved by the National Association of Bar Associations (ABA). The project will adopt the methods of “ entrusting Shanghai Jiaotong University to enroll students”, “joint training in China and the United States” and “granting an American master's degree in law”. Applicants will study in two world-famous university law schools in China and the United States in one year as well as obtain a master's degree in comparative law from Emory University. During the US study period, students who pass the interviews of the Emory University School of Law and the TOEFL language requirements can apply directly to the LLM or JM learning sequence from MCL and be eligible to apply for scholarships.