The chancellor of Showa Women's University visited KoGuan School of Law
Date:2019-07-25     Read:1021    

On the morning of May 3rd, Sakato Shinzo, president of Showa Women's University, visited the Koguan School of Law. Kong Xiangjun, chair professor and deputy dean of the Koguan School of Law, met with the guests in the VIP room of Leo Koguan School of Law Building.

Kong Xiangjun welcomed Sakato Shinzo’s visit on behalf of Koguan School of Law. Sakato Shinzo expressed sincere gratitude to the hospitality of Koguan School of Law and expected to strengthen the cooperation in legal research between China and Japan. Subsequently, the two sides communicated and exchanged views on cooperation such as teaching mutual assistance, academic research and international programs. Both looked forward to having closer cooperation and broader international horizon to promote the communication and spread of international culture while providing a broader platform for students.

After the meeting, Kong Xiangjun showed Sakato Shinzo around the East Hall, mock court and law library in Leo Koguan School of Law Building. Sakato Shinzo showed great interest and appreciation of the excellent learning and practicing environment provided by the school as well as strong cultural atmosphere of the law building. Everywhere the Japanese delegation visited left them a deep impression.

Except for Sakato Shinzo, Motokazu Uematsu, Director of Showa Women's University, Takano Emiko, Dean of the School of International Studies, Yamazaki Masanobu, Undersecretary of the Department of International Exchanges of the Teaching Support Center also came to visit Leo Koguan School of Law. Professor Ji Weidong, professor Cheng Jinhua, Deputy Dean of Koguan School of Law,  Cai Yuping, Assistant Director of the Department of International Exchanges at Shanghai Jiao Tong University and staffs of the Office of International Programs joined the meeting as well.

Attachment: Brief Introduction to Showa Women's University
Showa Women's University, located in the center of Tokyo, has quiet and harmonious campus environment. Since its inception in 1920, it has produced many women with good moral character. Students in the school include college students, and short-term university students, about 5,400 students in total. Among them, there are about 61 international students in universities and colleges (as of April 2012). These international students are mainly from countries such as China, South Korea and Vietnam. The majors of international students are broadly divided into Japanese language education, Japanese literature, psychology, welfare studies, business economics, design studies, architecture, and elementary education.