Koguan Law school establishing Blockchain Society
Date:2016-12-08     Read:394    

With an aim to introduce the Blockchain technology and its profound potential to transform the modern world to the students and academic community, the Blockchain Society has been formed in the heart of Jiao Tong University Koguan Law School.

While Blockchain as an innovation is based on a number of technological achievements of the last decades, successfully combining and taking them a step forward, its current development faces a number of technical, legal and policy problems. Therefore, uniting forces around the key issues’ research and creating the supplementary platform for the process of sharing knowledge between academic community and industry participants in China is an essential prerequisite for discovering valuable solutions. Koguan law school Blockchain Society is focused on building such a platform for the students and researchers having an academic interest in the disruptive technology and is committed to become the leading research hub based within the academic institution in Shanghai.

Tamar Menteshashvili, Fintech and Blockchain technology researcher at Jiao Tong University points out that the society hopes to play its role in growth of the awareness and understanding of the notions behind Blockchain technology among students and young scholars. The researcher believes that while being established at Jiao Tong University Koguan law school, the Blockchain Society will greatly benefit from the quality-oriented community of the law school as well as the city of Shanghai that is shaping the modern technological progress and innovation and has a world-class digital capability.

“We aim to create a platform where the research community and industry participants will come together to explore the decentralized technology and its practical applications. It is an invitation for the students and researchers to gain insight into the Blockchain technology that certainly deserves our attention and to get engaged in its further development,” outlines the researcher when speaking for the Blockchain Society.

The society believes that sharing knowledge and experience of already well established and influential institutions such as Wanxiang Blockchain Labs will greatly contribute to the achievement of the society’s objectives. “The speedy adoption of Blockchain technology in China requires the discovery of the new talents that will get engaged in the process of finding the solutions to the existing challenges that the innovation faces at its current stage of development. Therefore, Koguan Law School’s initiative to establish the Blockchain Society within the university is a complimentary answer to the needs of the industry,” says Yu Du, the director of Wanxiang Blockchain Labs.

Koguan Law School Blockchain Society is welcoming students and scholars with diverse backgrounds and will shortly introduce its detailed agenda to the public. As revealed by its representatives, the society is currently working on a creation of a framework that will ensure maximum participation of the students and scholars in running and advancement of the Blockchain Society within the university.