Faculty Directory

Xu Donggen

International Law

Office phone: 62934521
Address: 421
Email: translaw@126.com

  • Educational background

    Mr. Xu holds a B.A. from Institute of International Relations, a Master of Law from East China Institute of Politics and Law, as well as a Ph. D. in Law from Fribourg University, Switzerland.
  • Professional Experience

    Donggen Xu, professor of International Law at School of Law, Shanghai Jiaotong University. Prof. Xu has lectured globally on law and banking business and on private international law as visiting professor invited by Hague Academy of International Law (Holland), University of San Francisco (USA), Temple University (USA), Université de Montréal (Canada), Université de Rouen (France), Tel Aviv University (Israel), City University of Hong Kong, Institute of Comparative Law (Switzerland). Prof. Xu has over twenty-five years of experience as a professor and has published more than one hundred of articles written in Chinese, English and French languages and over twenty books.
  • Research Interests

    He is specialized in international financial law, business law, private international law and public international law. He practices the law as attorney-at-law in Shanghai L&Y Law Firm.
  • Publications

    Authored Books and Textbooks
    1 Comments on Cases of Private International Law, High Education Press, 2019
    2 Chef Editor and author: Uncertainty of International Legal Order and Risks, Shanghai Sanlian Press, 2017
    3 (English book) International Financial Law, Higher Education Press, 2015
    4 Legal Issue on Financial Transaction of High Risk, Shanghai Jiaotong University Press, 2015
    5 Private International Law (Academic textbook), Beijing University Press, 2013
    6 Advanced Course of International Financial Law, China Foreign Economic and Trade Press, 2009
    7 Legal Problems of Shanghai Financial Centre, Law Press, 2007
    8 Comparative Study on Legal Aspects of Floating Charge, Shanghai Jiaotong University Press, 2007
    9 International Financial Law, Higher Education Press, 2006
    10 Private International Law (co-author), Qinghua University Press, 2006
    11 Trends in Private International Law, Beijing University Press, 2005
    12 Law and Practice of Letter of Credit, Beijing University Press, 2005
    13 International Economic Law, Wuhan University Press, 2004
    14 International Financial Law (co-author), Fudan University Press, 2004
    15 Explanation of WTO Rule, Southwest Financial University Press, 2002
    16 Law and Practice of International Finance, Shanghai Financial University Press, 2000
    17 Law and Practice of US Securities, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Press, 1997
    18 Legal Protection of International Loan, Shanghai Translation Press, 1997
    19 (French book) Le droit international privé de la responsabilité délictuelle: évolution récente et le droit chinois, Edition universitaire Fribourg, Suisse, 1992

    Selected Articles Published in English or French
    1 Concealed Risks of FinTech and Goal-Oriented Responsive Regulation: China's Background and Global Perspective, Asian Journal of Law and Society, Cambridge University Press (forthcoming) (in English)
    2 Rules of Real Name Registration for Internet Access in China: Infrastructure for Cybersecurity? Forensic Research & Criminology International Journal, 2018/1 (in English)
    3 Preferred Stock in China: Overthrow of the Principle of “Equal Shares, Equal Rights”? Frontiers of Law in China, 2016/3 (in English)
    4 National Treatment: Utopia of Qualified Foreign Limited Partner in China? INSOL World,2013/1(in English)
    5 The Dilemma of Confidentiality in International Commercial Arbitration, Frontier Law in China, 2011/3 (in English)
    6 Legal Aspects for Sustainable Energy Development for Project Finance, in The Law of Energy for Sustainable Development, Cambridge University Press, 2005 (in English)
    7 Le droit international privé en Chine: une perspective comparative, Recueil des Cours de l’Académie la Haye, T. 270, Haye, Martinus Nijhoff, Holland, 1999 (in French)
    8 Legal Framework of Shanghai International Financial Centre, Perspectivas do Direito 1998 (in English)
    9 Chronique de Jurisprudence chinoise, Journal du Droit International (Paris), 1994/1 (in French)

    Articles Published in Chinese (more than 100 articles and essays, list omitted)