Professor Kong Xiangjun Delivered Speech at the 17th Shanghai International Intellectual Property Forum
Date:2020-10-20     Read:145    

On October 20th, the 17th Shanghai International Intellectual Property Forum was held in Shanghai with the theme of "Promoting High-quality Economic Development in the Post-Epidemic Era and Striving to Build an International Intellectual Property Protection System". The forum was committed to learning from the advanced experience of domestic and international practices in intellectual property protection and governance, , to exploring, in particular, how to optimally utilise intellectual property rights in order to promote economic recovery and development in the post epidemic era, as well as promoting Shanghai's transition to an international intellectual property protection hub in the Asian-Pacific region. At the main forum, Mr. Kong Xiangjun, Chair Professor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Dean of KoGuan School of Law, delivered a speech entitled "Thoughts on the Intellectual Property Protection in Contemporary China ".


Professor Kong Xiangjun pointed out that, under the interaction of domestic and foreign factors, China has, in recent years,undergone the process of legal reformation . Both the judicial department and the administrative system are actively sending strong signals and calls to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights. To this end, the protection of intellectual property rights should focus on effective implementation, alongside improving the compensation system for harm done. Further, the system should seek to strengthen sanctions to protect the rights and interests of the rights-holders. For repeated and malicious infringement , punitive damages should be applied in accordance with the law. Professor Kong called for the strengthening of the application of temporary measures such as property preservation, conduct preservation and evidence preservation to improve the timeliness, convenience and effectiveness of judicial protection. In the future, China should continue to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, stressing the protection and the prevention of rights abuse, and paying more attention to legislation and policy-making concerning intellectual property protections.