KoGuan School of Law Held Opening Ceremony of 2020 Freshmen
Date:2020-09-29     Read:189    

On September 16th, the opening ceremony for 2020 KoGuan first-year undergraduates and postgraduates held in the Oriental Hall of law building, marking the  beginning of their studies at KoGuan School of Law, SJTU.

Kong Xiangjun, Dean of KoGuan School of Law, Wang Houji, Secretary of the Party Committee of KoGuan School of Law and other representatives of teachers attended the ceremony along with Tian Tingfeng, Founding Partner of Sunhold Law Offices, and Wu Ya'an, an outstanding young judge and alumnus. The ceremony was hosted by Zhang Yangbo, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of KoGuan School of Law.

On behalf of  Law School, Kong Xiangjun warmly welcomed all newcomers and he hoped that students would make early plans for future study and acquire adequate common knowledge, legal expertise, good judgment and decision-making skills, as well as the ability to use their knowledge in real cases. 

Zheng Ge, representative of teachers and class advisers, introduced the long history and outstanding reputation of SJTU and encouraged students to learn from Mao Xiao, winner of Rhodes Scholarship, and other outstanding law school graduates. He pointed out that the law should serve the public and safeguard people's rights and that one should respect law in order to learn it well.

Xie Erxi, Bao Chunhui and Fu Lanke, representatives of law sudents, shared their thoughts on the study of law and their future plans. Wu Ya'an, 2018 Ph.D graduate, spoke as representative of alumni. He made it clear that there is no short cut for the study of law and that lifelong learning would be necessary for legal workers to cope with the constantly changing social reality. As a judge, he mentioned that legal workers should take every case seriously because every judgment can significantly influence the litigants' lives.

At the end of the opening ceremony, the university anthem of SJTU was played. The flowing melody and lyrics shows the history, culture and spirit of SJTU and carries the emotional belonging of all SJTUers, which will keep inspiring and accompanying them to forge ahead with unswerving perseverance and responsibilities.