The 124th Anniversary Celebration Activities of Shanghai Jiao Tong University Held Successfully
Date:2020-05-11     Read:398    

On April 11th, to celebrate the 124th anniversary of the establishment of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, KoGuan School of Law held a “return to school via cloud” series of activites. KoGuan graduates from around the world gathered online to learn about the current developments of their alma mater, reinvigorate their collegiate friendships, share their experiences with the epidemic and work hard for a better tomorrow.

During the cloud tour, “Xiaozhi” led a live-broadcast visit to the Xuhui campus of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the KoGuan law school. The alumni viewed the campus through the video screen, reminisced about their student days and also reviewed the development of the university and college. The alumni then watched the 124th anniversary celebration of Shanghai Jiao Tong University online.

The afternoon’s activity series was hosted by Zhang Yangbo, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of KoGuan School of Law. Dean Kong Xiangjun and all other team members including the Assistant Dean, extended their greetings to the alumni. To the alumni’s surprise, Zheng Chengliang, Ji Weidong, Ye Bifeng, Ye Yonglu and other four professors with whom the alumni are familiar were also present at the online.

Wang Houji, Secretary of the Party Committee of KoGuan School of Law, delivered a speech on behalf of the school. He remarked since the resumption of the law school’s undergraduate classes, SJTU has achieved unique and progress in a short period of time. This progress is undoubtedly due to wide support of the alumni. KoGuan School of Law will continue to pursue higher goals and make due contributions to the comprehensive realization of the rule of law, the modernization of the national governance system and governance capabilities.

Gao Hui, who entered KoGuan School of Law in 2006, reported on the work of the Alumni Association on behalf of the Alumni Association Preparation Committee. Although affected by the epidemic, various preparations for the Alumni Association continued to be carried out. Gao Hui has been entrusted by the Alumni Association to announce the list of members of the first Alumni Council. The director of KoGuan School of Law Alumni Office, Zhou Linyan, entrusted by the school, released the “Zhengyi Mingdao” KoGuan Alumni Crowdfunding Fund Project, and introduced to the alumni three sub-projects: the Support Fund, the Alumni Development Fund and the School Comprehensive Construction Fund.

In the subsequent alumni forum on “COVID-19 Pandemic and Rule of Law”, facing the challenge of the novel coronavirus, alumni from all walks of life shared first-hand stories about fighting against the pandemic and perspectives from their respective industries.

Li Jing, who entered KoGuan School of Law in 2012, shared remarks entitled “A Panoramic Review and Policy Introduction of Shanghai’s Pandemic Prevention and Control”. Li Jing interpreted the prevention and control measures in Shanghai since the outbreak of the pandemic from a macro perspective. Qi Bin, a Master’s of Law student who will graduate in 2020, reported on the employment situation KoGuan School of Law graduates, and thanked all the alumni for their strong support for the employment of the graduates from KoGuan School of Law. Cai Hang, who entered KoGuan School of Law in 1993, expressed his opinion regarding the survival of the legal services industry in light of impacts of Coronavirus. Li Haoyang, who entered KoGuan School of Law in 1995, shared his experience of creating “Squirrel AI,” shared the difficulties and countermeasures facing enterprises during the pandemic, and estimated a trend toward artificial intelligence education and online education. The unique opinions and detailed data of several alumni were warmly received by the participants.

The celebration activities of the 124th Anniversary of KoGuan School of Law of Shanghai Jiao Tong University concluded successfully, reaching 300 participants and more than 1,000 alumni. The school’s crowdfunding fund project raised a total of nearly RMB 400,000 donations on the same day, affirming the alumni’s hard work.