Université Paris X visited KoGuan School of Law
Date:2018-07-02     Read:473    

On June 29, 2018, professor Constant Frederic from Université Paris X visited KoGuan School of Law. Prof. Cheng Jinhua, Deputy Dean of KoGuan School of Law, received the guests in the VIP room of Leo Koguan School of Law Building.

Cheng Jinhua introduced the number of students, discipline construction, academic research, student exchanges and international programs of KoGuan School of Law. Subsequently, Constant introduced the number of students, faculty, discipline construction and other basic information of Université Paris X.

Later, the two sides exchanged views on the possibility of cooperation on student exchange programs, short-term seminars and doctor education, based on KoGuan’s current cooperation patterns with other universities.

After the meeting, the two sides presented souvenirs to each other and took a group photo as a commemoration.

Attachment: Brief Introduction to Université Paris X
Université Paris X, one of the most famous public comprehensive universities in France, is a member of the thirteen universities that were reorganized in the 1960s by the European Millennium School of Paris. Since its establishment in 1964 when it is named officially as Université Paris X, the school has trained a large amount of talent in science and technology, education, economics, politics, culture and art for France and the rest of the world.

The school is known for its politics and law, city and society, and foreign language programs. In law, it mainly establishes private law, commercial law, international law and European law, social law, public law, notary law, public administration law, international commercial law, human rights and public freedom, social law, associations and international economic relations law, etc. Many famous alumni, such as Nicolas Sarkozy, the 23rd President of the French Republic, Dominique Strauss Kahn, former French Finance Minister and former IMF President, and Christine Lagarde, the current IMF President et al.