Professor Xue Guifang was appointed as the vice president of the "Marine Culture Education Alliance"
Date:2019-07-25     Read:419    

During September 17 to 18, Professor Xue Guifang, director of the Centre for Rule of Ocean Law Studies of SJTU, and Dr. Zheng Jie, research assistant of the centre, were invited to participate in the founding congress of the "Marine Culture Education Alliance" (hereinafter referred to as “the Alliance”).

On September 17, accompanied by Li Mingchun, Distinguished Professor of Harbin Engineering University, and Li Hong, Director of the School History Museum, Professor Xue visited the newly built Marine Culture Centre of Harbin Engineering University and its school history museum. She highly praised the measures to promote marine culture education by the school and hoped that the centre would play a more important role in the popularization of marine culture education.

On September 18, the founding congress of the Alliance was held at the International Exchange Centre of Harbin Engineering University. During the congress, the first batch of 18 alliance members was announced, and members of the Alliance Council were elected. Professor Xue Guifang was appointed as the vice president of the Alliance. Yao Yu, President of the Harbin Engineering University and President of the Alliance, delivered a speech at the meeting. He said that Harbin Engineering University would fully invest in and support the Alliance. He believed that under the support of the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Alliance would become a leading and influential organization in the marine field and help China to become a strong marine country as well as promote the reform, innovation and development of marine culture education.

The Alliance was launched by Harbin Engineering University and other domestic sea-related universities, marine research institutes, marine cultural museums, science museums and marine education bases. This was the first academic alliance in China to focus on marine culture education and combine marine cultural education, cultural communication and practical research together. The alliance aimed to build a communication platform for the development of marine cultural education and promote cooperation and resource sharing among its members. It strived to create a new pattern of marine culture education, raise awareness of the importance of marine cultural education and promote the social function of marine culture.

The first batch of alliance members are Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Zhejiang University, Dalian Ocean University, Fuzhou University, Guangdong Ocean University, Hainan Tropical Ocean University, Jimei University, Nanjing University, Shanghai Ocean University, Ocean University of China, Deep Sea Science and Engineering Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Quanzhou Marine Environmental Monitoring Forecast Centre (Fujian Chongwu Ocean Science Museum), Fujian Hui'an Gangde Marine Science Education Base, China (Hainan) Nanhai Museum, and China Navigation Museum.