2020 Graduation Ceremony and Degree Awarding Ceremony of KoGuan School of Law Successfully Held
Date:2020-07-24     Read:51    

On the afternoon of July 12, the 2020 Graduation Ceremony and Degree Awarding Ceremony of KoGuan School of Law was held in the Oriental Hall of the KoGuan Law Building. The graduation ceremony was simultaneously broadcast live online. Attending the ceremony were Professor Xiangjun Kong, the Dean and Chair Professor of KoGuan School of Law, Houji Wang, the Secretary of the Party of KoGuan School of Law, Chao Sun, the former President and Party Secretary of Guizhou High People’s Court and PhD supervisor of KoGuan School of Law, Chengliang Zheng, Chair Professor of KoGuan School of Law, Bifeng Ye, Chair Professor of KoGuan School of Law, Mang Zhu, the Chief of Constitutional Administrative Law and Distinguished Professor, Jinhua Cheng, Deputy Dean and Distinguished Professor, Tenured Professor Jiaxiang Hu, Yan Lin, Deputy Director of the Academic Affairs Office of SJTU and Professor of Constitutional Administrative Law, Liyang Hou, Professor of Economic Law, Yongpei Liu, Xu Yanbing Xu and Jie Wang, teachers of Intellectual Property Law, Huayu Wang, teacher of Economic Law, together with PhD graduates who graduated in 2019, and bachelor, master and PhD graduates who graduated in 2020. In all, nearly 200 people attended the ceremony. The graduation ceremony was presided over by Professor Hongzhen Jiang, Deputy Dean of KoGuan School of Law.

Dean Xiangjun Kong first delivered a speech on behalf of the School and all teachers. He shared insights on his personal legal career and the idea of pursuing justice with the topic of “Keeping the Passion for Pursuing Justice Forever”. He believes that the pursuit of justice requires persistent efforts, an open cognitive system, perseverance and courage and tending to the details. He hopes that the light of justice will always shine on the students as they move forward. Dean Kong’s speech was full of philosophy and wisdom, and taught the students an important last lesson before leaving KoGuan School of Law.

Yu’ang Liu, undergraduate of class of 2016, Nanzhu Hou, master student of class of 2017, and Zhaoxin Chen, PhD student of class of 2017, delivered a speech as representatives of new graduates. Yu’ang Liu reviewed his four-year undergraduate experience with deep feeling. He said that the impermanence of life is also its common feature. Thunder, wind and frost, rain and sunshine will make us grow; Nanzhu Hou expressed her gratitude to the teachers for their hard work, shared her views on the post-pandemic era, and demonstrated the responsibility of legal persons; Zhaoxin Chen shared his growth process from a law student to an observer of law and society, and explained his views on the responsibility of legal persons.

Subsequently, the School commended the outstanding graduates and Excellent Master Theses.