Ji Qiufeng, general manager of Taiwan Yuanzhao Publishing Co., and his entourage visited KoGuan School of Law
Date:2018-11-02     Read:642    

On the afternoon of October 22, Ji Qiufeng, general manager of Taiwan Yuanzhao Publishing Co., visited the Koguan School of Law . Professor Kong Xiangjun, Dean of Kaiyuan Law School, Li Junming and Wang Huayu, the research center of Finance and Tax Law, accommodated guests in the VIP room of Leo Koguan Law School building.

Professor Kong Xiangjun welcomed the visit of Ji Qiufeng and his entourage. He introduced the discipline distribution, research situation and the publication status of academic achievements of Koguan School of Law l. Ji Qiufeng expressed her gratitude to the reception of Koguan School of Law. She introduced the development of Yuanzhao Publishing Company, the characteristics and highlights of traditional publishing, the audio-visual database and the latest business development direction. Both parties discussed the possibility of future cooperation and expressed the hope to combine the strong scientific research strength and rich academic achievements of Koguan School of Law with Taiwan's largest legal book publishing and database operators to explore academic publishing knowledge and new thinking in database construction in line with the new era of knowledge sharing.

After the meeting, the two sides presented souvenirs and took a group photo as a commemorate.

Introduction of Taiwan Yuanzhao Publishing Company
The company is named after "Yuanzhao". Confucius said: "There is no selfishness in the sky, no privateness in the earth, no selfishness and privateness in the sun and the moon." Heaven and earth are selfless, so they become big; the sun and the moon are selfless, so they can shine. With the social changes and the development of political and economic development in Taiwan, Yuanzhao Publishing in 1990 took "legal science" as the core and deeply integrated and applied in various fields. Since 2000, it has developed the integration of peripheral fields and law "humanities, history, society, education, management, taxation".Since 2005, conducted cross-disciplinary integration of intellectual property, engineering, environment, science and technology to gain breakthrough development. Facing the human environment energy and resource laws, facing new financial technology, blockchain, and facing big data, AI artificial intelligence, since 2017, Yuzhao has been exploring the development of medical, nursing, public health, food safety, long-term and other century engineering fields. From trends to phenomena, from theory to practice, there are more than 10,000 kinds of books, periodicals, monographs, fact sheets and lectures,among these ,the most famous works s include the "Yuedan Law Journal Series".