KoGuan School of Law hosted 2018 International Student Freshmen Meeting
Date:2018-10-19     Read:540    

On October 16th, Shanghai Jiaotong University Koguan School of Law held a meeting for foreign students in the fall semster of 2018 in the conference room 206 of Leo Koguan Law School building. Prof. Hou Liyang, Assistant Dean of Kaiyuan Law School, and Ms. Zhou Xinyu, International Project Office, attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Prof. Hou Liyang, and more than 30 students from the Ph.D. program, master program and exchange program attended the meeting.

Prof. Hou Liyang welcomed the arrival of new students in the 2018 fall semester and introduced the overall situation of Shanghai Jiaotong University and Koguan School of Law for the freshmen. Ms.Zhou Xinyu introduced the study processof master and Ph.D. programs and relevant syllabus , as well as the special policy for exchange students ,hoping that future exchange students can also join the college degree program and explain in detail the specific process of the application. Finally, Prof. Hou Liyang emphasized the discipline of the school, publicized the activities of the law school for foreign students, and encouraged the students to strengthen cultural integration, pay attention to life safety, and live a high quality life.

Subsequently, Ms.Zhou Xinyu introduced the graduation requirements and graduation process of the degree program to the degree students. Prof. Hou Liyang encouraged all international students to actively participate in the recent international lectures, English corners and other activities held by the college, and further make progress and improve mutual understanding with Chinese students on legal learning and cultural life. Prof. Hou Liyang also hoped that freshmen of international students will actively adapt to the new environment, participate in various activities organized by the school, and strive to make friends with Chinese students and integrate into the warm new collective as soon as possible.

All international students asked questions about studying abroad, including credit transfer and application for scholarships. Professor Hou Liyang answered them one by one. After an hour of interactive questions, the 2018 international student freshmen meeting was held successfully in the atmosphere of heated discussion.

More than 30 new students in the spring semester of this year are from United States, Canada, Russia, the Netherlands, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Serbia and other countries.