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Student Organizations

Fa Xing Society (webpage in Chinese): Founded in September 2007, the Society provides legal assistance to the general public and publishes Nan Yang Law Review (webpage in Chinese).


Graduate Law Student Association: It is a graduate law students' organization and publishes the law journal "Fa Yun" (webpage in Chinese).


Patant Law Association (webpage in Chinese): Founded in December 2008, it is a study group of law students who are interested in patant law. 


Law, Literature and Film Association (LALIFIAS, webpage in Chinese): Founded in January 2008, the Association is a trans-school student organization. Its members come from the Law School, School of Media and Design and School of Electronic, Information and Electrical Engineering.


Legal English Association (webpage in Chinese): Founded in September 2007, the Association organizes a variety of activities to improve law students' legal English efficiency.


Yuan Society (webpage in Chinese): Founded in September 2006, the Society organizes law students to read legal classics.


Undergraduate Law Student Association: It is an undergraduate law students' organization and publishes the KoGuan Law School Newsletter "Fa Yuan" (webpage in Chinese).