Prof. Kong Xiangjun was invited to visit the World Intellectual Property Organization and attended the China-Austria Science and Technology Innovation Seminar
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From April 23rd to 28th, 2018, Prof. Kong Xiangjun, Executive Deputy Dean of Koguan School of Law and Dean of Intellectual Property and Competition Law Academy, was invited to Europe to  visit international organizations such as the WIPO and the UNIDO, and attended the China-Austria Science and Technology Innovation Seminar for academic exchanges.

On the morning of April 23rd, Prof. Kong Xiangjun and his entourage were invited to visit the headquarters of the WIPO in Geneva, Switzerland. Ms. Wang Binying, Deputy Director General of the WIPO, delivered a welcome speech. Mr. Marco M. Aleman, Minister of Patent Law of the WIPO, Mr. Alejandro Roca Campaña, Senior Minister of Information and Knowledge Acquisition, and Mr. Liu Jie, Senior Advisor of the Asia Pacific Bureau, introduced and exchanged views with Chinese representatives on the development of patent protection and legal affairs on the international level, the work of technology and innovation support centre, intellectual property education and other topics respectively. Kong Xiangjun and Wang Binying discussed about the establishment of student internship bases at Koguan School of Law and cooperation in research projects, and received positive feedback from the WIPO. Ms. Wang Binying and other officials expressed support for various forms of cooperation and exchanges with Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

In Austria, Prof. and his entourage were invited to visit the VRVIS to gain an in-depth understanding of the tremendous progress and development prospects of digital twin and data visualization technologies in infrastructure construction and social science research.

Later, Professor Kong Xiangjun and his entourage visited the headquarters of the UNIDO in Vienna, Austria. Officials of the UNIDO, took the work of the Investment and Technology Promotion Unit (ITPO) established in Beijing and Tokyo as an example, to demonstrate the contents and purposes of UNIDO’s work to promote and accelerate the industrialization process of developing countries and implement sustainable development strategies. The two sides exchange ideas about the future cooperation between UNIDO and Shanghai Jiao Tong University on research projects such as technology transfer and SME services under the OBOR strategy, as well as the establishment of student internship bases at Koguan School of Law. Relevant officials of the Industrial Development Organization showed great interest and confidence in cooperation with Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

(Prof. Kong Xiangjun visited UNIDO)

On April 26th, “World Intellectual Property Day”, China-Austria Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Seminar was held in Vienna, Austria, and Professor Kong Xiangjun was invited to attend the conference.

(Prof. Kong Xiangjun communicated with foreign representatives before the seminar.)

The conference was co-sponsored by the Chinese Embassy in Austria, sponsored by the Austrian Federal Chamber of Commerce, the Austrian Research and Technology Development Council, the Austrian Patent Office and the China Science and Technology Law Society. Chinese Ambassador to Austria Li Xiaosi, Dr. Hannes Andorra, former Austrian Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Chairman of Austrian Research and Technology Development Committee, Dr. Christopher Maznett, Vice Chairman of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Michael Harrisk, Austrian Patent Office Director of Strategy and Sun Yongjian, Vice President of the China Science and Technology Law Society, delivered speeches at the meeting respectively.

(Prof. Kong Xiangjun delivered a keynote speech)

At the meeting, Prof. Kong Xiangjun, as the representative of the Chinese side, delivered a keynote speech on the theme of “China's Intellectual Property Protection System and Protection Status”. Professor Kong Xiangjun introduced China's intellectual property protection, based on China's comprehensive intellectual property legal system, China's administrative enforcement and judicial protection system. Among these systems, administrative enforcement is a unique system in China. Administrative agencies can actively investigate and punish violations of intellectual property rights and administrative enforcement is more efficient. In response to the question of the Austrian side regarding China's permission of intellectual property as a collateral, Kong Xiangjun said that China has specifically introduced relevant regulations on strengthening the liquidity of intellectual property rights and promoting innovation, which has made significant progress in promoting intellectual property rights in circulation. 

(Prof. Kong Xiangjun answered the questions)

The keynote speech by Prof. Kong Xiangjun caused a heated discussion among the Austian representatives, who asked questions one after another. Prof. Kong Xiangjun responded to the concerns of the Austrian representatives. He specifically introduced the transfer and utilization of intellectual property rights in the Chinese technology exchange market, the development of China's patent protection, the current specific efforts of China to improve the quality of patents, China’s intellectual property legislation and recent revisions.

(During the discussion)

This meeting is an important event to implement the decisions of the recent meeting between the heads of state of China and Austria. It is of great significance to promote cooperation in science and technology as well as protection of intellectual property rights. The two sides have in-depth discussions on important issues including China-Austria innovation policy, intellectual property rights and cooperation opportunities. The "European Times", "Economic Daily" and other media made a long report on the conference activities.

(a photo taken at the United Nations Flag Square)

The seminar provided a platform for experts on law and technology to communicate and created a chance for Austria to discover China's development and progress in intellectual property protection. Furthermore, the visits to the WIPO, the UNIDO, and the VRVIS have expanded a new path of international cooperation in the education of intellectual property law for Shanghai Jiao Tong University.