The Third International Student Forum at KoGuan Law School: Discovering Blockchain Technology
Date:2017-04-12     Read:393    

The Third International Student Forum at KoGuan Law School: Discovering Blockchain Technology

On 11th of April, 2017 Koguan Law School, Jiao Tong University hosted an event Discovering Blockchain Technology. It was organized by the initiative of Blockchain Hub which is the interested community that is based within KoGuan law school last year. The attendees of the event were students of Jiao Tong University as well as representatives of other leading universities in Shanghai. Event hosted 3 speakers. Professor Liyang Hou (Assistant Dean of Internationals, KoGuan Law School) mediated the event.

PwC partner, CY Cheung delivered the speech regarding Blockchain industry, the technology implementation and its challenges. During his presentation, the PwC partner expressed gratitude towards Jiao Tong University and Blockchain Hub founder for organizing the event. According to Mr. Cheung, Blockchain industry has many opportunities open for the young generation of students that are just now entering the market. He also discussed real life cases of Blockchain applications and outlined some challenges in the implementation phase that the industry is currently facing.

Second speaker, Roland Sun who is the partner of law firm Broad and Bright in China, shared his legal perspective on smart contracts with the audience. He outlined the key features of smart contracts and the legal issues that this innovation brings forth.

Blockchain Hub founder and representative, Tamar Menteshashvili closed the event by delivering speech regarding the possibilities for younger generations of entering the Blockchain industry. She shared with the audience the industry expectations for 2017 and outlined that China has a potential to lead the global fintech and Blockchain Industries this year. According to the Blockchain Hub representative, the luck of young generation’s interest in technology can become a long-term problem and prevent use of the technology if not applied at the early stage of the industry development. She shared with the audience the mission of the community, which is to bring the students, research community and industry participants together in Shanghai Jiao Tong University to explore Blockchain and enable its members to become themselves the part of the process of finding solutions.

At the end of the event, Blockchain Hub representative shared with the attendees Blockchain Wanxiang Labs’ initiative to deliver for free the Chinese translated version of the book “Blockchain Revolution” to the participants of the event.

Hangzhou Future Technology Co., Ltd. covered the event to give opportunity for the interested individuals that did not manage to attend the meeting to see the full recorded version of the event online.

Blockchain Hub will continue organizing different events and annual meetings with the students. The community is dedicated to provide students and researchers with the platform that is focused on young generation and realization of their intellectual potential.