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KoGuan Law School has now 53 full-time faculty members. Among them, 20 are professors, 23 associate professors and 12 lecturers. Thanks to the KoGuan donation program, the Law School is currently undergoing a recruitment effort to attract and hire the most qualified candidates and the total number of the faculty is expected to reach about 80 in the future, including 3 KoGuan Presiding Professors, 10 KoGuan Chair Professors, and 10 KoGuan Youth Scholars. In addition to our full-time faculty members, we have also appointed a number of adjunct professors.


KoGuan Law is now recruiting KoGuan Titled Professors. For detailed information, please view KoGuan Faculty Recruitment Announcement. For anyone who is interested in applying for the KoGuan Titled Professorship, please contact Mrs. YUAN Liping. Email:; Tel. +86 21 34207186.