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Wang Fuhua

Civil Procedure Law, Evidence Law, Dispute Resolution, Comparative Law and Judicial System

  • Educational background

    1985 -1989 Obtained a bachelor of law from the Law Department of China University of Political Science and Law

    1992 -1995 Obtained a master's degree of law from the Law Department of Peking University

    2002-2005 Received a doctor’s degree of law in Litigation from China University of Political Science and Law

    2007.4-2007.10 Visiting scholar of University of Queensland in Australia

    2013.1-2013.3 Visiting scholar of Planck Marx Procedure Law Research Institute
  • Working Experience

    His studying area mainly covers civil action jurisprudence, comparing civil action jurisprudence, judicial system, settlement of civil disputes and the practice of civil trial.

    The publication including the "Group litigation in the changing society", and other 3. The results of legal translation are mainly concentrated in the group litigation system in foreign, conciliation system, etc.

    He has published more than 80 papers since 1999 in law journals, such as " Cost-Sharing in Civil Justice", " Socialization of Civil Litigation ", " Legal Basis of Construction of the Electronic Litigation System ", " Small Claims from the Perspective of Welfare System", etc.
  • Professional Experience

    1989 -1992 Court clerk and assistant judge (1990) in Hulun Buir Inner Mongolia League intermediate people's court
    1995 -2002 Associate professor (2000) and vice-president in Law Department of Yantai University
    2002-2015 Professor of KoGuan Law School, Shanghai Jiaotong University
    2015-2019 Professor of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE) Law School
    2019- Professor of KoGuan Law School, Shanghai Jiaotong University
  • Publications

    Wang Fuhua, Cost-Sharing in Civil Justice, Social Sciences in China, 2016(1).

    Wang Fuhua, Socialization of Civil Litigation, China Legal Science, 2016(1).

    Wang Fuhua, The Theory of Protection of Interests in the Jurisdiction of civil Litigation, The Journal of Comparative Law 2018(4).

    Wang Fuhua, Legal Basis of Construction of the Electronic Litigation System, Chinese Journal of Law, 2016(6).

    Wang Fuhua, E-court: The Construction from Internal to External, Contemporary Law Review, 2016(5).

    Wang Fuhua, Small Claims from the Perspective of Welfare System, Peking University Law Journal 2015(1).

    Wang Fuhua, On the system of designating special representative in civil lawsuit, Legal Forum, 2014(6).

    Wang Fuhua, The institutional logic of the opposition by a third party, Global Law Review 2014(4).

    Wang Fuhua, On the attributes, types and procedures of payment order, Contemporary Law Review, 2014(3).

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    Wang Fuhua, On the Reform of civil prosecution system, Law and social development,2002(6)

    Wang Fuhua, Interest orientation in the representative actions, Legal Science monthly,2006(6)

    Wang Fuhua, The rules of evidence founding and Mode Selection in civil litigation, law review,2000(4)

    Wang Fuhua, The basic structure of civil procedure, Chinese Procuratorate Press,2001.

    Wang Fuhua, The Thematic studies on the civil procedure, China Legal Publishing House,2007.

    Wang Fuhua, Group litigation in the changing society, shanghai peoples press,2011.

    Wang Fuhua, Civil procedure (the first edition), Tsinghua University Press,2012.

    Wang Fuhua, Civil procedure (the second edition), Tsinghua University Press,2015.
  • Other Professional Activities

    1999-2007 Director of the Procedural Law Research Institute of China Law Society (the seminar was discrete in 2007)
    2008-now Standing director of the Procedural Law Research Institute of China Law Society
    2018-now the membership International Association of Procedural Law (IAPL)