Faculty Directory

Zhao Huiyu

Office phone: 62934570
Email: zhaohy723@sjtu.edu.cn

  • Educational background

    Dr. Jur., Environmental law, Wuhan University, 2004

    LL.M., Economic law, Zhengzhou University, 2001

    B.E., Economics, Henan Institute Of Finance And Economics, China, 1996
  • Professional Experience

    2001.09-2004.07 Wuhan University, Dr. Jur.,

    2004.07-present Shanghai Jiaotong University Koguan Law School

    2009.01-2011.01 Shanghai Minhang District People's Procuratorate; Deputy Attorney General (serve temporary positions)

    2012.2-2013.2 Visiting scholar at the University of Maryland School of Law

    2016.6-2017.6 Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau, Deputy Director of Regulations and Law.(serve temporary positions)
  • Research Interests

    Chinese Environmental Law; Chinese Natural Resources Law;
    Energy Law; China Judicial system and reform. etc.
  • Publications

    (A) Books

    1. Translation: US Environmental Law;by Robert V. Percival, Law Press.China June 2014.

    2. "Ecosystem Management: Laws and regulation", Shanghai Jiaotong University Press, 2006.

    3 Textbooks of higher education "Environmental Resources Law", CITIC Publishing House, 2004.

    (B) Academic articles

    1. (English) Comparative Environmental Federalism: Subsidiarity and Central Regulation in the United States and China,Transnational Environmental Law,Volume 6 Issue 3,November 2017. (SSCI)(ESI:Essential Science Indicators)

    2. (Japanese) 中国における企業の環境信用評価システム―力強い実施への道筋;(Japan) "Administrative Law Research" Shinzansha Publisher Co., Ltd. Vol. 18, March 2018.

    3. Translation:《Environmental Law in the Trump Administration Robert V. Percival》,by Robert V.Percival ,《郑州航空工业管理学院学报(社会科学版)》 , Journal of Zhengzhou University of Aeronautics (Social Science Edition), 2017, Vol.36 (3).

    4. The Role of Civil Society in Environmental Governance in the United States and China;DUKE ENVIRONMENTAL LAW & POLICY FORUM;Vol.Spring, 2014.

    5. 《化学物質事業の立地選定における中国の市民参加制度の発展―PX事業を例にして》, (Japan) "Administrative Law Research" Shinzansha Publisher Co., Ltd. Vol. 12, March 2016.

    6. "The supervision on the defendant's compensation for rehabilitation in the Environmental Public Interest Litigation", contained "the report of Environmental Public Interest Litigation", Law Press,China, 2016.

    7. "Changzhou toxic soil: be on the alert of China's " Love Canal incident ", Oriental Morning Post (Shanghai). April 2016.

    8. "Let The secret "EIA Report" under the sunlight" Oriental Morning Post, May 20, 2013.

    9. "The Solution to China's Environmental Crisis: Environmental Democracy” Oriental Morning Post, March 1, 2013.

    10. “Criminal Record System and Employment Discrimination – the Reflection to Paragraph 1, Article 24 of China’s ‘Civil Law’”, Political Science and Law, 2009.8. (CSSCI)

    11.“How the Energy Law Coping with the Ecological Security – based on the Value of Energy Security Dualism Perspective”, Productivity Research, 2009.7. (CSSCI)

    12.“The Power and Responsibility of the Administrative Organization in Environmental Incidents, ” Inner Mongolia Social Sciences,2009.6 (CSSCI)

    13. “The Discussion on Legal Evolution and Trend of Total Quantity Control of Pollutant Discharge”, The Journal of Shanghai Jiaotong University (philosophy and social science edition); 2009.1. (CSSCI)

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    15. “Legal Consideration of Public Safety”, Legal Daily, 25th. 2009.5.

    16. “Consideration of China’s Coerced Offender Crimes”, Anhui Vocational College of Police Officers, 2009.5.

    17. “The Research on the U.S. Climate Change laws and policy”, Eastern Law Journal, 2008.6

    18. “Discussion on the Enhancement of Environmental Interests in Planning Laws——Taking Recent Environmental Public Affairs as Examples”, Law Journal, 2008. (CSSCI)

    19. “The legal Control of Ecosystem Rehabilitation”, Shangxi Finance University Proceeding, 2007.1. (CSSCI)

    20. “The Pattern, Objectives and Administrative System of Foreign Countries Wetland Legislation,” Forest Economics, 2006.11. (CSSCI)

    21. “The EU’s Legislation on Circular Economy”, The Journal of Shanghai Jiaotong University (philosophy and social science edition), 2006.1.

    22. “The Legal Bell from Songhua River Water Pollution Accident”, Social Science Paper, 2005.

    23.“The Functions of Environmental Law in China’s new type of industrialization”, The review of International Environmental Law and Comparative Law, Legal Publishing House, 2005.

    24. “On the Legal Institutional Arrangement of China’s Technical Innovation of Ecologicalization. ” Contemporary Law Science, Vol.9, 2004.

    25. “The Relation Between WTO and CBD and our county’s Countermeasures of Environment Law, Journal of Zhengzhou University”, 2004.1. (CSSCI)

    26. (Japanese)(“Protection and Rehabilitation of Ecosystem Service Zones in China”), Research on Environmental Disruption.(Japan) , Vol.33 winter 2004.

    27.“On Perfection and Normalizing China’s Legal System on Price Administration. ” Journal of Guizhou University (social science) No.2 Mar.2004.5. (CSSCI)

    28. Translation: Native Vegetations Conservation Act 1997,No.133, New South Wales, Australia. International and Comparative Environmental Law Review, Vol.1, 2002.etc.
  • Other Professional Activities

    Member of a Council of China Institute of Environmental Law; Member of a Council of China Institute of Energy Law; Distinguished Specialist of Shanghai Third People's Procuratorate; Distinguished Mediator of Shanghai Railway Court; Evaluation Expert of Environmental Damage Appraisal Organization of Shanghai; Member Expert of Industry & Commerce Committee of Shanghai.

    Invited Presentations: Vermont Law School (Summer Programme) the USA, University of Chicago USA 2016; University of Birmingham, UK 2010; University of Maryland, USA 2012; Johns Hopkins University, USA 2013; Osaka University, Japan 2015, 2016, 2017.