Faculty Directory

Wang Jie

Address: 1954 Huashan Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai
Email: jie.wang@sjtu.edu.cn

  • Educational background

    Bachelor of Law (09/2003 to 08/2007), Zhongshan University of Economics and Law
    Master of Law (09/2007 to 08/2010), Zhongshan University of Economics and Law
    Doctor of Law (09/2011 to 10/2016), Maastricht University
  • Working Experience

    01/2017- Assistant Researcher at KoGuan School of Law, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China
    02/2016-09/2016 PHD researcher at Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition,Munich,Germany
  • Honors and Awards

    11/2011, Excellent master thesis of Hubei Province
    10/2010, Excellent master thesis of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law
    11/2009, First prize for Second National University Students Essay Contest about Copyright Protection
  • Research Interests

    Intellectual property
    Cyber law
  • Research Projects

    09/2018 PI of How to Apply the IP Protection Clause in the E-commerce Act of China
    place: Shanghai, China
    - a project funded by Shanghai Office for Philosophy and Social Science

    09/2017 PI of How to Regulate Hyperlinks from a Copyright Perspective: A Comparison between the EU and China
    place: Shanghai, China
    -a project funded by Shanghai Pujiang Program

    08/2015 Co-PI of UW-Google Intermediary Liability Research Project, Intermediary’s responsibility for privacy protection in China
    Place: Maastricht, the Netherlands
    -a project hosted by University of Washington School of Law and sponsored by Google

    09/2014 Coordinator/Speaker of Workshop: Secondary liability of hosting ISP in the EU Workshop: Secondary liability of hosting ISP in the EU
    Place: Maastricht, the Netherlands
    a project sponsored by China-EU School of Law & Maastricht University & Shanghai Jiao Tong University KoGuan Law School Invited Professors, scholars and practitioners from Germany, Belgium, China and Netherlands;

    03/2009 Promotion of Cultural Diversity and Protection of Intellectual Property
    Place: Wuhan, China
    -a project hosted by Prof. Kaizhong Hu and sponsored by Ministry of Education of China
  • Publications

    04/2018 Regulating Hosting ISPs' Responsibilities for Copyright Infringement – Freedom to Operate in the US, EU and China
    By Springer

    Journal Articles
    06/2020: New Interpretation of Hosting ISP’s Duty of Care on Copyright Protection
    Science of Law, vol. 3, 2020.

    02/2019: To Share Is Fair: The Changing Face of China’s Fair Use Doctrine in the Sharing Economy and Beyond
    Computer Law and Security Review

    04/2016 The Disputes on the Qualitative Analysis and Application of FRAND
    Wu Handong (ed.), China Intellectual Property Rights Blue Book, Peking, Peking University Press, 2016, at 243.

    05/2015 Development of Hosting ISPs’ Secondary Liability for Primary Copyright Infringement in China ---- As Compared to the U.S. and German Routes
    By IIC, Vol. 46, issue 3, at 275 (Max Planck Institute)

    11/2015 Not All ISP Conduct is Equally Active or Passive in Differing Jurisdictions: Content Liability and Safe Harbor Immunity for hosting ISPs in China, the European Union, and the United States Case Law
    By European Intellectual Property Review, 2015 37(11), at 732.

    08/2012 Analysis on SOPA and what can be learned from SOPA for legislation of IP under network environment in China
    By Intellectual Property, Vol. 8, 2012, at 90.

    01/2011 Definition of Modifying Works——Study on implementation of “Regulations for the Protection of Information Network Transmission Right” Article 22(2)
    by China Copyright, Vol. 1, 2010. at 41.

    02/2010 Duty of Care Incurred by Designing Film Column on Video-share Website——Study on the case of “Feng Chuan Mu Dan”
    by Chinese Electronics Intellectual Property Journal, Vol, 1, 2010.

    06/2008 Analysis on the WIPO Treaty on the protection of Broadcasting Organizations
    by Intellectual Property Journal Vol. 4, 2008, at 84. Co-author.
  • Courses

    2018- , teaching Intellectual Property law of China (English) at Shanghai Jiaotong University
    2017- , teaching Intellectual Property Law at Shanghai Jiaoting University
    2010-2011, teaching Contract Law for undergraduate students at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law.
  • Other Professional Activities

    10/2018 delivered a presentation on “Judicial Compulsory License – an Exceptional Practice in China” at Asian Pacific Copyright Association Conference 2018/11/28
    place: Beijing, China

    10/2018 delivered a presentation on “the Duty of Care Imposed on Hosting ISPs” at 2017 ShangDi IP Forum
    place: Beijing, China

    08/2018 Delivered a presentation on “Whether an Open-ended Fair Use Clause Fits Better in Digital Environment – Comments on the Revision Draft of Chinese Copyright Act” at 2018 Copyright Workshop for Korea-China-Japan
    place: Seoul, South Korea

    04/2018 delivered a presentation on “the Copyright Issues in Doujinshi” at 2018 Nanhu International IP Forum
    place: Beijing, China

    03/2018 deliverd a presention on “The “Internet Clause” in the Newly-Enacted Anti-Unfair Competition Act of China” at 3rd Works-in-Progress Conference "IPScholars Asia"
    place: Singapore

    10/2017 Delivered a presentation on “Notice-and-takedown Procedure in Online IP Enforcement – A Lesson from China” at Asian Pacific Copyright Association Conference 2017
    place: Sydney, Austraila

    05/2016 50th anniversary of Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition
    Place: Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition

    12/2015 Professional IP Update
    Place: Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department, Hong Kong

    05/2015 presented at Intellectual Property Work‐in‐Progress Colloquium
    Place: University of Washington, Seattle