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Yu Jiajia

Associate Professor
Criminal law and Medical Law

Office phone: 62934513
Address: Room 413, Law Building, Jiao Tong University, Huashan Road 1954, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China
Email: jiajiay@gmail.com

  • Educational background

    LL.B and B.A, School of Law, Shandong University, Jinan in China
    LL.M, School of Law, Peking University, Beijing in China
    【Supervisor: Prof. Shizhou Wang;Thesis: "The Boundary Issues in the Theft(论盗窃罪的边界)” published in Peking University Law Journal(中外法学), Vol.20, No.6, 2008, pp.911-930】
    passed the National Judicial Examination
    LL.M, Graduate Schools for Law and Politics, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo in Japan
    【Supervisor: Prof. Hitoshi Saeki;Thesis: “Penalization of Medical Negligence in US and UK(英米における医療過誤への刑法上の対応)" published in Criminal Law Journal(刑事法ジャーナル), No.28, 2011, pp.29-35】
    PhD in Law (summa cum laude), Graduate Schools for Law and Politics, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo in Japan
    【Supervisor: Prof. Hitoshi Saeki;Dissertation: "Medical Malpractice: Criminalization and Its Limitations(医療過誤の処罰とその制限)" published by Seibundoh, 2017, pp.1-310(ISBN 978-4-7923-5220-2)】
  • Professional Experience

    Research Fellow(D2,PD), granted by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science(JSPS日本学術振興会), The University of Tokyo, Tokyo in Japan
    【Mentor: Prof. Hitoshi Saeki;Research Topic: The Intervention of Criminal Law in the Field of Healthcare】
    Lecturer, KoGuan School of Law, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai in China
    Visiting Scholar, granted by China Scholarship Council(CSC 中国国家留学基金委) , School of Law, Washington University, Seattle in the USA
    Invited Researcher(招聘研究員), The Institute of the Policy and Social Safety of Waseda University(早稲田大学社会安全政策研究所), Tokyo in Japan
    Associate Professor, KoGuan School of Law, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai in China
    Research Fellow (PD), granted by Alexander von Humboldt Foundation(AvH), Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law, Freiburg in Germany
    【Mentor: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Ulrich Sieber;Research Topic: Modern Crimes in the Information Society】
    Obtained Lawyer's License in China,registered in Shanghai United Law Firm, Shanghai in China
  • Research Interests

    Modern Crimes in the Information Society; Cybercrime; Medical Law; Comparative Criminal Law
  • Publications


    I. Japanese Book
    Yu,J.(2017): 医療過誤の処罰とその制限[Medical Malpractice: Criminalization and its Limitations].Tokyo: Seibundoh.pp.1-318(ISBN: 978-4-7923-5220-2).
    Remark: The Book was selected by the Japanese Association of Medical law and the book review was published in 年報医事法学[The Journal of Japanese Association of Medical Law]. Vol. 34. pp.197-202(2019).

    II. Chinese Book
    Yu, J. (2017): 医疗过失犯罪的比较法研究 [Medical Negligence as a Criminal Offence from the Perspective of Comparative Law]. Taiwan: Angle Publisher.pp.1-243(ISBN: 978-986-255-931-4).


    I. Book (from Japanese to Chinese)
    Yu, J. (2017): 刑法的思之道・乐之道 [Thinking and Enjoying Criminal Law]. Saeki, H.(author), Beijing: China University of Political Science and Law Press.pp.1-366(ISBN:978-756-207-417-5).

    II. Formal Essay (from Chinese to Japanese)
    Yu, J. (2014): 中国刑法における危険運転罪 [The Crime of Dangerous Driving in China’s Criminal Law]. in: 21世紀日中刑事法の重要課題 [Important Issues in China’s and Japan’s Criminal Law].Atsushi, Y. & Kai, A. eds. Tokyo. Seibunto.pp.129-164.


    I. English Articles (complete list)

    A) Formal Essays
    1. Yu, J.(2017): Cybercrime in China—A Review Focusing on Increasing Criminalization of Harmful Cyberactivities. 47(3) Hong Kong Law Journal (SSCI). pp.937-950.
    2. Yu, J. (2008): Report on Criminal Offenses of Copyright Infringement in Australia. in: Reports on Copyright Criminal Law in the World. Wang, Sh. ed. Beijing: People's Public Security University Publishing House. pp.306-338.

    B) Contributions to a comparative law research column
    3. Yu, J.(2018): Criminal Law Reforms in the Period 2015-2018 in China. in:Sistemas penales comparados-Reformas en la legislacion penal y procesal(2015-2018).42 Rerista Penal .pp.233-239.
    4. Yu, J.(2017):Terrorism in China. in: Sistemas penales comparados-Terrorismo.41 Revista Penal.pp.236-238.
    5. Yu, J. (2017): Crime of Embezzlement in China. in: Sistemas penales comparados-La administración desleal de patrimonio ajeno. 39 Revista Penal. pp.226-229.
    6. Yu, J. (2016): Terrorism Financing in China. in: Sistemas penales comparados-Financiación del terrorismo.38 Revista Penal.pp.357-361.
    7. Yu, J. (2016): Crime of Abortion in China. in: Sistemas penales comparados- el delito de aborto.37 Revista Penal. pp.241-252.

    II. Japanese Articles (complete list)
    1. Yu, J.(2019): 中国における医療従事者などの収賄に対する刑法的対応 [The Crimes of Corruption in Healthcare and Medicine under Chinese Criminal Law].in: 刑事政策の新たな潮流―石川正興先生古稀祝賀論文集―[The New Trend of Criminal Policy-- A Collection of Articles Written in Honor of the 70th Birthday of Professor Masako Ishikawa], Tokyo: Seibundoh.pp.517-536.
    2. Saeki, H. = Yu, J. (2011): 英米における医療過誤への刑法上の対応 [Criminalization of Medical Negligence in England and America]. 28 Criminal Law Journal. pp.29-35.

    III. Spanish Article (complete list)
    Yu, J. (2016): ¿En qué medida permite el Derecho penal chino la eutanasia?. Victor Manuel Macias Caro(translator). 37 Revista Penal. pp.215-228.

    IV. Chinese Articles (Selected)

    1. Yu, J.(2020):刑法对高利贷的“打击点”[The Ground of Japanese Criminal Law’s Interference in Usury Cases],2 Zhejiang Academic Journal.pp.120-130.
    2. Yu, J.,(2019): 世界上最宽松的安乐死法——比利时安乐死法[The Most Liberal Legislation concerning Euthanasia in the World--The Belgian Act on Euthanasia].38 Angle Health Law Review. pp.159-180.
    3. Yu,J.(2018):美国联邦法律对公务人员受贿犯罪的“多点打击”及启示[The Bribery Crime in the Federal Law of the United States and Its Insights]. 5(1) Journal of Soochow University(Law Edition).pp.105-114.
    4. Yu,J.(2017):过失犯罪中注意义务的判断标准[The Standard of a Reasonable Person in Criminal Negligence].25(6) Journal of National Prosecutors College.pp.83-106.
    5. Yu, J. (2017): 论远程医疗安全底线的法律保障 [Legal Guarantee of the Fundamental Safety Line of Telemedicine]. 25(3) Journal of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. pp.44-54.
    6. Yu, J. (2016): 德国的医疗过失犯罪研究 [Medical Malpractice as a Criminal Offense in Germany].6 Criminal Science.pp.117-142.
    7. Yu, J. (2015): 刑法视野下临终患者的自己决定权及其限制 [The Patient’s Right of Self-determination in Cases Involving Physicians-assisted Suicide].29(6) Contemporary Law Review.pp.42-55.
    8. Yu, J. (2015): 日本轻微犯罪处理机制的经验与启示 [Minor Criminal Offenses in Japan].4 Shanghai Jiao Tong University Law Review.pp.140-149.
    9. Yu, J. (2013): 日本判例的先例约束力 [The Binding Force of Judicial Precedents in Japan]. 3 East China University of Political Science and Law Journal (also included in the periodical literatures reprinted by China People's University: Justice System).pp.41-53.
    10. Yu, J. (2008): 论盗窃罪的边界 [The Boundary Issues in the Theft]. 20(6) Peking University Law Journal.pp.911-930.
    11. Yu, J. (2008): 违法性之“法”的多元解释 [How to Define Illegality in the Field of Criminal Law]. 10 Hebei Law Science (also included in the periodical literatures reprinted by China People's University: Criminal Law).pp.14-20.
    12. Yu, J. (2007): 论犯罪集团首要分子的刑事责任 [The Criminal Liability of the Ringleader in a Criminal Group]. 3 Criminal Science.pp.44-50.
    13. Yu, J. (2007): 论美国的死刑情节及对中国的启示 [Aggravating and Mitigating Circumstance Considered in Death Penalty Cases in America]. 21 Criminal Law Review.pp.192-208.
    14. Yu, J. (2004): 单位犯罪刑罚体系的探究 [Researches on Criminal Sentences for Corporations]. 22(2) Hebei Law Science. pp.156-159.

  • Courses

    Criminal Law; Medical Law
  • Other Professional Activities

    Editor, Peking University Law Review(北大法律评论), Peking in China
    Research Assistant(part-time), The Nikkoso Research Foundation for Safe Society, Tokyo in Japan
    English presentation "Euthanasia in Chinese Criminal Law" on the Congress “China Facing the Challenges of the 21st Century in the Mirror of its Changing Legal System” granted by AvH Foundation and the Middle East University of China, Changsha in China.
    English presentation "Medical Malpractice: criminalization and its limitations in China" on the international conference “French Law from a Comparative Perspective: from an Overhaul of Medical Criminal Law” organized by Université Jean Moulin - Lyon 3, Lyon in France.
    Editor, Angle Health Law Review(月旦医事法报告), Taiwan in China
    English Lecture“Cybercrime in China” at the Institute of East Asian Studies at Cologne University, Cologne in Germany.
    English presentation "Copyright Protection under Criminal Law in the Digital Era" on the “11th Congress of the Societas Humboldtiana Polonorum-Science in the age of globalization” granted by AvH Foundation and DAAD, Szczecin in Poland.