Faculty Directory

Xu Xianghua

Office phone: 62932680
Address: 428
Email: xu_xianghua1@hotmail.com;xxhsjtul@gmail.com

  • Educational background

    LL.B., East China University of Political & Law, 1984
    PhD in Law, Shanghai University, 2007
  • Working Experience

    From 2007, Professor, Deputy Dean, Shanghai Jiaotong University Law School
    2000-2007, Professor, East China University of Political & Law
    1998-2007, Director of the Institute for Legislation, East China University of Political & Law
    Legislative Expert and Consultant to the Standing Committee of Shanghai People’s Congress
    Member of the Expert Team of Shanghai Legal Affair Office
    Head of the Administrative Law Expert Team of Shanghai Bureau of Justice
    Council Member of China Legal Education Research Association
    Council Member of China Behavior Law Association (3rd)
    Council Member of Shanghai Law Association (9th)
  • Publications

    A. Books:
    1) “Legal Liabilities in Local Regulations – Analysis of Shanghai Local Regulations”, published in February, 2007
    2) “Reflection on Chinese Legislation in New Era”, published in November, 2004
    3) “Concept and Behavior – Constitutionalism and Legal Education” published in June, 2003
    4) “China Legislative Relationships” published in November, 1999
    5) “Legislative Principles”, published in February 1992
    6) “National Supervision” published in May, 1991
    7) “National Supervision”, published in May, 1991
    B. Articles:
    1) Empirical Study on the Judicial Committee System Reform Path, China Legal Science, Vol. 2018, No. 2 (2018)
    2) Court Reform and Research on Its Effect from the Perspective of “Function-Organization-System-Technology”, Legal Science, Vol. 2017, No. 10 (2017)
    3) Revising legislation Law under the Perspective of Modernizing State Governance, SJTU Law Review, Vol. 2014, No. 3 (2014)
    4) On China’s Accessory Legislations of Law during the Formation of Legal System, China Legal Science, Vol. 2010, No. 4 (2014)
    5) Designing Provisions of Legal Liability: A Choice of Mode, Legal Science, Vol. 2009, No. 12 (2009)
    6) Statutory Functions of Unified Review of Local Legislations, Legal Science, Vol. 2007, No. 11 (2007)
    7) Experimental Study of the Base and Multiplying Factors in Multiplying Fines, China Legal Science, Vol. 2007, No. 10 (2007)
    8) Setting Multiplying Factor in Administrative Fines – Examples from Shanghai Local Legislations, Chinese Journal of Law, Vol. 2006, No. 6 (2006)
    9) Legal Liabilities from the Viewpoint of Enforcement, Legal Science, Vol. 2006, No. 12 (2006)
    10) On Majority Rules in Legislation – from the Viewpoint of Public Choice Theory, Legal Science, Vol. 2005, No. 12 (2005)
    11) On Improving the Legislative Process, China Legal Science, Vol. 2003, No. 4 (2003)
    12) On Legislative Proxy, Legal Science, Vol. 2002, No. 11 (2002)
    13) Success and Shortcoming of Legislative Law, Legal Science, Vol. 2000, No. 6 (2000)
    14) On the Legislative Powers of Central and Local Governments, China Legal Science, Vol. 1997, No. 4 (1997)
    15) A Civil Organization for Resolving Conflict of Laws, China Legal Science, Vol. 1993, No. 6 (1993)
    16) Several Issues about the Drafting of Appendix to Laws, China Legal Science, Vol. 2002, No. 3 (1993)
    17) Leaning of the Balance: Explosive Growth of Federal Preemptive Legislation, Legal Science, Vol. 1992, No. 10 (1992)
    18) Review of Local Legislation and its Research, China Legal Science, Vol. 1990, No. 4 (1990)