Faculty Directory

Ye Bifeng

Address: 1954 Huashan Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai
Email: yebifeng@sjtu.edu.cn

  • Educational background

    Academic Degrees
    • Bachelor of Law (September 1980 to July 1984), East China College of Political Science and Law
    • Doctor of Law(September 1999 to July 2002), Wuhan University
  • Working Experience

    • 1984~2003 Teaching Assistant, Lecturer, Associate Professor, Professor, PhD Supervisor, Vice-Dean, School of Law, Wuhan University
    • 2002-present Adjunct Professor, Peking University Public Law Research Center
    • 2014-present Adjunct Researcher, Institute for Legal Governance, China University of Political Science and Law
    • 2003-present PhD Supervisor, Professor, KoGuan School of Law, Shanghai Jiaotong University
  • Professional Experience

    Academic Positions
    • 2005~2007 Vice-Dean, KoGuan School of Law, Shanghai Jiaotong University
    • 2007~2010 Executive Vice Dean, KoGuan School of Law, Shanghai Jiaotong University
    • 2009~2010 Secretary of General Party Branch, KoGuan School of Law, Shanghai Jiaotong University
    • 2013~2016 Division Director of Humanities and Social Sciences Division, Shanghai Jiaotong University
    • 2017~2019 Director of Institute of Law, Shanghai Academy of Social Science
    • 2003-present Vice-President, Chinese Society of Administrative Law
    • 2009-present President, Shanghai Legal Science Association, Section for Administrative Law
    • 2018-present Vice-President, Shanghai Legal Science Association

    Editorial Positions
    • Board of Editors, Administrative Law Review

    Visiting Positions
    • Senior Visiting Scholar, School of Law, University of Ottawa, 2001~2002

  • Honors and Awards

    • 2007 State Council Expert for Special Allowance
    • 2009 National Quality Course approved by the Ministry of Education
    • 2011 Award for Outstanding Teacher of Shanghai
    • 2011 BaoGang Excellent Teacher Award
    • 2012 Distinguished Professor of Yangtze River Scholar Award
    • 2015 Cultural Experts, the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee
    • 2016 National Ten Thousand Talents Project
  • Research Interests

    • Administrative Law
  • Research Projects

    • Research on Administrative Action
    • Research on The Regional Cooperation Legal Systems
  • Publications

    • Humanism of Administrative Law, Hubei People’s Press, 1999. Peking University Press, 2005
    -3rd Prize, Outstanding Achievement Award, Ministry of Justice, 2009
    • On the Validity of Administrative Action, China Renmin University Press, 2002
    -Excellent Doctoral Dissertation of Hubei Province, 2003
    • Administrative Law and Administrative Procedural Law, Higher Education Press, 2015. Second edition, 2012. Third edition, 2015.
    -3rd Prize, Ministry of Justice Book Excellence Award, 2009
    -2nd Prize, Shanghai Book Excellence Award, 2011
    • Administrative Agreements: Cooperation Mechanism for Regional Governmental Units(coauthor), Law Press, 2010
    • Principles of Administrative Action, The Commercial Press, 2014
    -Selected in National Philosophy and Social Science Achievements library, 2013
    • Appraisal Report: The Government Information Disclosure Bill(coauthor), China Legal Publishing House, 2018

    Edited Books
    • Research on the Regional and Municipal Legal System Book Series(editor-in-chief), Law Press, 2013
    • Administrative Law and Administrative Procedure Law(editor-in-chief), Fourth edition, China Renmin University Press, 2015
    • Chinese Justice Report, Rule of Law Index(editor-in-chief), Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Press, 2019

    Journal Articles
    • The Discussion on Administrative Procedural Legislation
    -3rd Prize for Outstanding Achievement Award, Chinese Legal Science Association, 1987
    • Research on the Deterministic Force of an Administrative Action, China legal science, 1996(3)
    • The Exploration on Presumptive Legality of Administrative Action, Chinese Journal of Law, 1997(5).
    • The Basic Concepts of Modern Administrative Action, Science of Law, 1999(6).
    • Liability and Illegality of Defrauded Administrative Action, China legal science, 2006(5).
    • Administrative Agreements in the Context of Regional Economic Integration, Chinese Journal of Law, 2006(2)
    -3rd Prize, the 9th Shanghai Philosophy and Social Science Achievements Award, 2013
    • Administrative Conciliation and Reconciliation: Based on Public Participation and the Principle of Good Faith, Political Science and Law, 2008(5), Digest of Chinese Journals,2008(17)(reprinted)
    -2nd Prize, the 6th College Social Science Award, the Ministry of Education, 2013
    • Openness in Government in the Context of Concrete Administrative Action: An Overview of Existing Disputes, China Legal Science, 2009(5).
    • A legal hermeneutic Analysis of Copying Rules According to a Higher law or Creating Detailed Regulations Through Rule-making:The Discussion on Emergency Response Provisions Established by Governmental Departments, Chinese Journal of Law, 2011(6).
    • On the Legal Management of Regional Economic Integration, Social Sciences in China, 2012(8).
    -2nd Prize, the 7th College Social Science Award, the Ministry of Education, 2015
    • Supreme People’s Court’s Exploration of Invalid Administrative Action, Chinese Journal of Law, 2013(6).
    • Equality Principle in State Land Acquisition Compensation in the Urbanization, China legal science, 2014(3)
    -Top Ten Theoretical Achievements, Rule of Law and Judicial Reform Research Center, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, 2014. Procuratorate’s Daily, 2014. 2nd Prize, the 8th College Social Science Award, the Ministry of Education, 2020
    • Legal Effect of a Regional Cooperative Agreement, The Jurist, 2014(6)
    • On Current Legal Bases for Regional Cooperation, Law Review, 2014(1)
    • The Existing Legal Foundation for Regional Cooperation, Modern Law Science, 2016(2)
    • Legal Position of Administrative Decision-making, Studies in Law and Business, 2016(2)
    • Theoretical Resources of Administrative Action for Regional Synergy and Its’ Challenges, Law Science Magazine, 2017(3)
    • Behavioral Law Mechanism Functioning in Lieu of Administrative Organization Law, Social Sciences in China, 2017(7)
    -1st Prize, the 14th Shanghai Philosophy and Social Science Achievements Award, 2018
    • Trans-boundary Pollution Disputes Resolution Based on Regional Cooperation Thinking, The Jurist, 2017(4)
    • The Obligation to Financial Integrity of the Individual Civil Servants, Oriental Law, 2018(1).
    • Space For Local Autonomous Legislation: Local Affairs, Administrative Law Review, 2018(1)
    • Delegation of Power among Administrative Agencies, Peking University Law Journal, 2019(1)
  • Courses

    • Administrative Law
    • Administrative Procedure Law
    • Legal Systems of Regional Cooperation
  • Other Professional Activities

    • 1990~2000 Chair, Administrative Law Research Group, National Committee on Self-Taught Examinations for Higher Education
    • 2002~2006 Legislative Adviser, Hebei Provincial Party Standing Committee
    • 2003~2005 Panel Member, Consultative Committee of Wuhan Municipal People's Government
    • 2004-present Expert Consultant, Higher People's Court of Shanghai Municipality, People's Procuratorate of Shanghai Municipality
    • 2012-present Expert, the Legal Talents Initiative, the Ministry of Education
    • 2015-present Panel Member, Legal Advisory Committee of Hebei Provincial People's Government
    • 2015-present Part-time Government Legal Adviser, Shanghai Municipal People's Government
    • 2018-present Part-time Government Legal Adviser, Shanghai Municipal Party Committee