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The Signing Ceremony of "Wenqing·Zhengdao" Scholarship of KoGuan School of Law was Held Smoothly

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On the afternoon of November 6th , the signing ceremony of "Wen Qing·Zheng Da" alumni scholarship was successfully held in Room 203, KoGuan School of Law. Wang Houji, secretary of the party committee of the school, Liang Wenqing, director of the first law department, Cai Hang, alumni representatives donated by law 15215 class and head of Shanghai branch of Beijing Anjie Law Firm, Li Yufeng, senior partner of Shanghai original law firm, Ding Hua, Senior Partner of Shanghai Jin Tiancheng Law Firm, Lu Yiran, Founder and CEO of 12weeks health technology, Wang Feng, alumnus of Law 15241 class and Partner of Morgan Luis Law Firm, Hou Xingzheng, Associate Professor of School of Continuing Education of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Jiang Bin founder of Shanghai Tick Communication Co. Ltd. , co-founder and CEO of Shanghai Yi Cai Digital Technology Co. Ltd., Fan Cenjun, alumnus of 15251 law department and deputy general manager of Shanghai Dahan Three-way Investment Co., Ltd. Luo Yun, head of college alumni office and student representative Cao Yifei attended the signing ceremony. The signing ceremony was presided over by Zhang Yangbo, deputy secretary of the school party committee.

Secretary Wang first expressed his warm welcome and sincere thanks to Mrs. Liang Wenqing and her alumni who attended the signing ceremony. Then he recalled his past experiences of attending law foundation course set up by Liang Wenqing, recalling with her strict requirements for classroom teaching emotion and appreciating gratefulness for her care and concern for students and fellow alumni for their love of teacher Liang and their old school. He said that “Wen Qing” means virtue and "the right path" is the law. and "Wen Qing·Zheng Dao" is the meaning of concurrent revision of morality and law. The establishment of the "Wen Qing·Zheng Dao" scholarship is a moving gesture of alumnus who is capable of inheriting the spirit of the legal person of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University. It is bound to inspire the younger students to study hard and grow healthily. All teachers in the college devoted themselves wholeheartedly to teaching and educating people in the course of work. We should train more high-quality qualified personnel for the rule of law. Secretary Wang introduced that the quality of students in Kai Yuan Law School has been rising in recent years. The raking of law school repeatedly set new highs. Intern and graduates also gained much social favor. He said these achievements are closely linked with the alumni's hard work and achievements.

Cao Yifei, on behalf of schoolmates, expressed his gratitude to all the seniors who attended the ceremony, saying that the scholarship is the footnote of learning. Students should continue to learn from outstanding alumni and one day they will be able to use their sweat to give back to their old school and college’s developments.

Wang Feng, alumnus of Law 15241 class has the unforgettable experience of being the first student studying in Harvard. He recalled the years when the students worked hard with Liang Wenqing. He said that lawyers from the Jiao Tong University went through a period from the society not knowing to Harvard Law School’s affection. This earthshaking change reflects the raise of status of Law School of Shanghai Jiao Tong University in the field of law research and personnel training.

Then, 15231 alumni representatives Cai Hang, Ding Hua, Lu Yi Ran Li Yufeng, 15241 alumni representatives Hou Xingzheng, Jiang Bin and 15251 alumni representatives Fan Cenjun and so on delivered a speech one after another. They are both grateful that the Law Department of Shanghai Jiao Tong University has experienced Liang and other teachers’ words and teaching. They sigh that the development of law of Shanghai Jiao Tong University starting from scratch, from weak to strong, from a single to compound, which involves selfless and fearless dedication and struggle from generations of teachers and students of KoGuan School of Law.

Senior Hou Xingzheng also took out a collection of 20 years of June 10th 1998 Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press, which published an "Our Mother Liang," a text expressing the students’ respect and love to rigorous and kind Liang. The alumni all agreed that the name of "Wen Qing ·Zheng Dao" coincides with the motto of “Zheng Yi Ming Dao”, reminding the future students to maintain a pure and magnanimous character and to shoulder the heavy responsibility for the country and society.

Teacher Liang made a final speech with pride, touching and blessing. Recalling the past, look at the present. The leaps and bounds of Law Education of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the vigorous development of Law School, law students spirit made her feel happy. She is proud that Law School of Shanghai Jiao Tong University is able to cultivate so many excellent students from generation to generation. After more than 20 years, students are still able to remember the cultivation and set up a scholarship named by her. Finally, she expressed deep blessing to everyone in present and Law School as well.

Finally, Secretary Wang presented a certificate of honor and flowers to Professor Liang Wenqing on behalf of the college. He thanked Mr. Liang for her outstanding contribution to the law education of KoGuan School of Law of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The signing ceremony ended in a group photo.