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Inoue Noritsu, vice president of Kobe University, visits KoGuan School of Law

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On the morning of November 9th , Prof. Ji Weidong, Dean of the KoGuan School of Law of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and Professor Zhu Mang, professor of Constitutional and Administrative Law and editor in chief of《Law of Jiao Tong University》, met with Prof. Inoue Noritsu, Vice President of Japan's Kobe University, at the VIP room of Law School in Xuhui Campus, accompanied by Mr. Luo Zhiwei, Director of Kobe University Beijing Office.

President Ji first welcomed the visit of Prof. Inoue and his delegation. Then, he reviewed the history of inter-school cooperation between the two universities in terms of exchange of students, exchange of scholars, and cooperation in scientific research.  Law School of Kobe University and Law School of Shanghai Jiao Tong University conducted a lot of exchanges and cooperation, and he hopes to continue and strengthen the friendly and cooperative relations between two universities very much.

During the communication, both sides introduced their own characteristics of international school. President Ji first introduced the general situation of our school to guests in aspects of student size, professional setting, academic research, student exchange and internationalization projects. He commented favorably on the past cooperation of KoGuan School of Law and Kobe Law School and expressed his continued wishes to strengthen cooperation with Kobe University. Prof. Inoue mentioned that Kobe University's modern Japanese research project is a short-term project that is taught in English and has a strong sense of science and culture. It covers various disciplines such as Japanese culture, society, law and business. Among them are Japanese wine culture with unique Japanese features, Japanese rice culture research course.

In light of the current cooperation model between our school and other universities, President Ji Weidong conducted an exploration of the feasibility of cooperation regarding short-term course exchange, double degree training and the establishment of the Japan Research Center of Jiao Tong University with Prof. Inoue. And both parties hope to deepen cooperation and hopefully concrete implementation.

Founded in 1902, Kobe University is located in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. It is a famous national university in Japan. At first, it was a commercial university with the purpose of cultivating commercial and economic talents. Now, it’s a comprehensive university covering liberal arts, science, engineering course and medicine. Kobe University is not only the birthplace of Japan's modern management study, but also one of Japan's most important research centers featuring in economics and law research.

After the successful conclusion of the talks, both parties exchanged souvenirs and took a group photo.